Lake Country Classical Academy

Our Mission:
To develop students in mind and character through a content-rich, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences with an emphasis on the principles of virtuous living, traditional learning, and civic responsibility.

Lake Country Classical Academy (LCCA), a non-profit, tuition-free charter school, will open its doors to students in Waukesha County, K-9, in the fall of 2021. Students will advance through 12th grade, and LCCA will continue as a fully K-12 classical public charter school by 2024.

LCCA is working towards recognition as an affiliate school of the Barney Charter School Initiative, an outreach of Hillsdale College. LCCA will provide a classical education that is content-rich across four disciplines: math, science, literature and history, followed by attention to music, art, foreign language and character development. BCSI will provide the architecture for LCCA's academic program and act as an advisor in helping us build this grass roots effort.

We encourage you to watch this BCSI video for a better understanding of LCCA's mission.

If you'd like to receive news and updates on LCCA, please email us. Thank you for your interest and support!