A teacher-led, classical education experience.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a content-rich, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Lake Country Classical Academy (LCCA) addresses the real need for tuition-free, high quality, teacher-led education, K-12. There is a desire among many families in Lake Country for a teacher-led, classical education experience. We believe that all students should have access to this option, regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status, primary language or race. Classical Education upholds a standard of excellence and has proven itself over the course of time.

LCCA, a public (tuition-free) charter school will serve Kindergarten through 11th grade for the 2023/2024 school year and expand to a full K-12 school the following year.

LCCA is a licensed user of the Hillsdale K-12 curriculum, providing a classical education that is content-rich across four disciplines: Math, Science, English Language Arts (including phonics, grammar and writing), and History, with significant attention to music, art, and foreign language. Each of these disciplines will be taught with an emphasis on the history and traditions of American citizens as the inheritors of Western civilization.

We believe LCCA’s high standards and research-based curriculum provides students with a content-rich education that will challenge them to excel not only in learning, but also in character development. At LCCA, high academic achievement, personal discipline, ethics, and responsibility will be consistently reinforced through the study of subjects in the classical tradition. Students will graduate from LCCA as highly literate and ethical citizens who are well-prepared to advance into any life endeavor.


Affiliation with Hillsdale College

Lake Country Classical Academy is a Hillsdale College Member School. Hillsdale College has assisted LCCA in creating and implementing challenging, engaging academic programs, as well as providing teacher training that serves as the foundation for a liberal and civic education. The Hillsdale Classical K-12 learning model has already seen substantial success throughout the United States, with 24 affiliate schools currently serving more than 12,000 students across the country. LCCA is honored to be the first Hillsdale College Member School in Wisconsin.


Our Campuses

Each location has 10 classrooms, a gym and dedicated spaces for art and music. The two locations are about an 8-minute drive apart. We stagger the start and dismissal times at our elementary and middle school/high school campuses to allow families ample time to drop off/pick up their children at both locations, if needed. To see photos of each campus, scroll through the photo galleries below.

LCCA East (for grades K - 6)

Lake Country Classical Academy - East

N50W35057 Wisconsin Ave.

Okauchee, WI 53069


LCCA West (for grades 7-12)

Lake Country Classical Academy - West

818 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Oconomowoc, WI 53066


LCCA MAP - 2 Campuses - WEB-01.png

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What Parents are Saying

"My children are happy and thriving. They come home each day excited to tell us all about their school day. They sing their songs all weekend and read books in their tree house. Their curiosity and love of learning is evident. The teachers have fostered those habits all school year and it is every present even at home."

"I love the principal's morning assemblies at the elementary school. I love the literature my kids are reading/studying. I love how the values and morals our family teaches at home are being reinforced at school through the curriculum and culture."

"The vibe I get every time I'm at LCCA is LOVE. Love for the kids, and love for all who are there. I love the teaching concept of lecture and note taking and that I can help my 7th grader with homework if needed. I brag about the school to anyone who will listen!"

"I love what our school stands for and the standards that it is setting for what education should look like, even down to the uniforms! I love seeing my kids go to school every morning looking the part to learn! I love the teachers and their ability to foster and nurture the love of learning." 

"I love the overall sense of care and concern for the child at LCCA. My son feels a sense of community like never before, and I am confident sending him to school every day knowing he is being challenged in the classroom."