The Hillsdale K-12 curriculum provides the architecture for LCCA’s academic program, which emphasizes the core disciplines of math, science, history, and language arts, including phonics and writing, with significant attention to music, art, and foreign language.

LCCA's curriculum includes the multi-sensory, explicit phonics program, Literacy Essentials, developed from Orton-based research on language and cognition and produced by Access Literacy, LLC. Our curriculum utilizes the world-renowned Singapore Mathematics techniques centered on the developmental progression from concrete objects through a pictorial phase to the abstract level of understanding for Kindergarten through 7th grade. The Well-Ordered Language curriculum is the basis for formal grammar instruction in the upper elementary grades. LCCA includes instruction in Latin, beginning on a formal basis in 6th grade, preceded by the teaching of Latin and Greek roots in 4th and 5th grades.

Courses in elementary science and history primarily focus on Core Knowledge readers, and instruction in the high school frequently utilizes primary text source material.
In high school, LCCA continues the Hillsdale K-12 course sequence. This includes four years of history; four years each of literature, math, and science; two years of foreign language; one year of composition, and a semester each of government, economics, and moral philosophy. Students study history through primary source documents to foster analytical skills and insight into their culture and heritage.

Instruction in the classical virtues is introduced in the elementary program and continues through the upper grades as a necessary support of the classical curriculum. The program introduces and seeks to instill virtues of morality through the pillars of character education: honesty, courage, responsibility, respect, and wisdom.

High school students completing the Hillsdale K-12 course sequence will receive a high school diploma, as permitted by LCCA’s independent, charter school status and the WI Department of Instruction.