Effortless and Low Effort Fundraising at LCCA

As a new charter school, fundraising at LCCA is crucial to our success and is possible in a variety of ways. Lake Country Classical Academy’s annual Liberty Gala is the major community fundraising event and LCCA also presents some smaller fundraising events throughout the year,

like the Wern Valley Shooting Clays event in the fall. Additionally, direct donation is also encouraged and very appreciated (details at lakecountryclassical.org).

LCCA’s parent-teacher-community group, The Legacy Committee (TLC), also coordinates a variety of fundraising opportunities, ranging from “effortless” options to campus and community family events. TLC’s fundraising is targeted toward pressing campus needs and providing students and staff with opportunities and activities that otherwise would not be possible. TLC’s mission in fundraising is to provide options that require little extra effort and also generate community engagement. Please look over the following list and see if there are any ways you (and other family members) can assist TLC to raise the much-needed funds to help LCCA flourish!