Board Meeting Minutes – 7.6.20

Attendees: Bart Williams, Kristina Vourax, Taryn Whipple, Bill Hughes, Lynda Daniel and Heidi Brookes (all via video conference call)

Other: Tom Eide, Kim & Evan Williams, Patrick Schnell

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m.
  2. 6/08/20 board minutes approved.
  3. Principal Search Update
    • a)  LCCA board is working with ESI to find a principal.
    • b)  There are two (2) promising candidates that will be meeting with Hillsdale Collegethe second week of July
    • c)  The goal is to make an offer the end of July / beginning of august with start inSeptember to be on for a full planning year.
  4. Marketing Update
    1. a)  Business Cards are finalized and have been sent to the printer. Board membersshould receive them within the next week.
    2. b)  WebsiteRedesign–
      • (i)  Mtg past week with Branigan Communication who will be creating a new LCCA website pro bono
      • (ii)  Updated website will include on-line enrollment and other additional functionality.
      • (iii)  Kristina Vourax will continue to work with Branigan, providing direction, content and stock photos.
      • (iv)  Updated LCCA website expected to launch by mid-august 2020
    3. c)  Info Gatherings –
      • (i)  Depending on COVID-19, we would like to begin hosting informational gatherings for potential families to begin enrollment this fall for next year (fall 2021).
      • (ii)  Options could include in-person and/or direct contact via phone call by a board member.
  5. Fundraising Update:

a) DPI Grant

  • Submitted application to DPI which would supply federal funding for Charter Schools.
  • Recently notified LCCA was not a recipient for the grant this year.
  • LCCA asked for copies of winning applications and score sheets for our review so we can improve our application should we choose to reapply for an implementation grant next year.
  • There are other donors and foundations interested in providing seed money to help get LCCA up and running.
  • We have continued outreach for board members and connected with Todd Grey, former superintendent of Waukesha district. Todd will be working on Business Development and M&A for the law firm and is interested in providing pro bono for LCCA. With his connections in K-12 education, experience with charter schools and his financial savvy, we welcome Todd’s support to LCCA as a strategic advisor.
  1. New Business Items a) None
  2. Meeting adjourned at 7:14 pm.
  3. Next meeting scheduled on August 3, 6pm.