Board Meeting Minutes – 8.3.20

Attendees: Bart Williams, Kristina Vourax, Taryn Whipple, and William Hughes (all via video conference call)

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. No additions to the agenda added.
  2. 7/6/20 board minutes approved. Minutes will be posted to the LCCA website. Patrick Schnell is a member of the public who attended the meeting. His message to the board: His wife is a Hillsdale graduate. He works at an architectural firm in Oconomowoc. He wants us to know he’s willing to help us in any way he can.
  3. Board Member Update:
    • a) Bart Williams is doing a capstone project for his doctorate. He will develop a curriculum which will allow LCCA to incorporate additional lessons on Native American history and culture that will accompany the BCSI curriculum. There is no IRB required for his capstone project, so he can rejoin the board as a voting member. Taryn Whipple made the motion to have Bart rejoin the board as a regular voting member. Bill Hughes seconded. Motion passed.
  1. Marketing Update:
    1. a)  Kristina updated us about what is going on with the new website. BraniganCommunications is designing the new LCCA website. The goal is to re-launch the new site by the end of August. The board will have an opportunity to review and make edits to the site before it goes public.
    2. b)  Business cards are ready for board members. Kristina will distribute them to the board.
  2. Fundraising Update:
    • a) Individual donations to date: $500 in donations came from individuals after the announcement of our charter agreement with the LCO Ojibwe. Board members are encouraged to keep reaching out to people about fundraising. Informational events (roughly 4-5) will hopefully start in September. We will need to keep the Covid situation in mind as we arrange meetings (some events may be virtual). Enrollment is schedule to begin in early December.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm
Next regular board meeting will be Tuesday, September 8, 2020.