Board Meeting Minutes – 09.08.20

(Regular Meeting, 7-7:40 p.m. via Zoom)

  • Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm.
  • Meeting minutes from August 3, 2020 were approved.
  • School location update:
    • We are in the process of negotiating a lease agreement for a building within a 10-mile radius of Delafield. We hope to finalize the agreement and make a public announcement by the end of September/early October. 
    • School furniture –
      • Bart Williams found out about Greendale School District needing to donate furniture. Bart & Kristina have already picked up several tables and chairs, and more desks may become available after the first of the year. Bill Hughes is going to call the Superintendent to see if we can arrange a time to have the remaining furniture delivered at their convenience.
  • Principal update:
    • We are currently interviewing candidates and goal is to extend an offer by the end of October and have the principal be actively employed by early January 2020.
  • Board update:
    • Michael Blau has opted to step down from the Board Treasurer to a regular board member position.
    • A motion was made by Taryn Whipple to instate Bart Williams as the new LCCA Board Treasurer. Heidi Brookes seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
    • A motion was made to instate Tim Peterson on the LCCA board during the closed meeting on 9/19/20 at 6 p.m. The motion passed, and we welcome Tim Peterson to the LCCA Board!
    • New Board committees will begin meeting on a monthly basis and will provide reports regular reports to the board beginning at the Oct. 7 board meeting:
      • Finance, facilities, & technology – Bart (chair), Bill & Heidi
      • Policy, communications, & fundraising – Kristina (chair), Taryn, Tim & Lynda
      • Ambassadors committee – for members outside the LCCCA board who wouldlike to support LCCA’s mission with a focus on fundraising (this committee is still being developed and will meet every-other month).
    • Board training at Hillsdale College, Nov. 5 – 7, 2020
      • LCCCA Board members who have not yet attended training should attend November 2020 or April 2021 training.
  • Communications update:
    • Enrollment online platform
      • Presented options of School Admin and School Mint for online registration/enrollment/lottery. Kristina was given authority to move forward to evaluate and select the best option. Kristina will work with Enrollment will begin the first week in December 2020.
    • Website re-design/launch
      • Kristina will send out URL to the board for everyone’s view and provide feedback. Plans for new site to go live by Friday, September 18, 2020.
  • Student enrollment update: The following dates for Enrollment Information Meetings for prospective families have been set (all board members are required to attend). More details on the time and location will be posted on the LCCA website, in the e-newsletter, print ads and in social media.
    • October 22
    • November 17
    • TBD – Zoom Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

Next regular board meeting: Oct. 7, 2020