Board Meeting Minutes – 01.06.21

Lake Country Classical Academy Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 7 p.m. 995 S. Sawyer Rd., Oconomowoc, WI 53066

  • Meeting called to Order at 7:06 p.m.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Agenda approved.
  • Public Comments – none.
  • Board Meeting minutes from 12/2/20 were approved.
  • LCCA Principal Contract. Motion was made by B. Hughes to approve one-year principal contract for Bart Williams. Seconded by H. Brookes. Motion carried.
  • Finance, Facilities, & Technology Committee update

o B. Williams officially resigned from the LCCA board. We are currently searching for a new board treasurer.

o The Committee didn’t meet as planned due to B. Williams’s transition from treasurer to principal. This committee begin meeting on a regular basis when the new LCCA treasurer is in place.

• Policy, Communications & Fundraising Committee update

o B. Hughes has offered to spearhead the policy writing for LCCA (this work will no longer be part of the committee)

o This committee met prior to the Jan. board meeting and in summary:

✓ Discussed strategies on how to attract new families/increase enrollment.

✓ A sub-committee of volunteers will be formed to plan and execute a fundraising event for LCCA in July 2021.

• Ambassadors Committee update

o Elvis for Education event on 12/5/20 brought in $7K.
o GrantWatch software is sending 3-4 leads a week, and volunteer grant writers are exploring these leads for application.
o DPI Grant: K. Vourax to oversee writing this DPI reimbursement implementation grant, due Feb. 17.

• Student recruitment & enrollment update

o We have 238 accepted offers from the December enrollment period.
o The January enrollment period has begun and will close on Jan. 31. If needed (if seats are still available), an additional enrollment period will be offered Feb. – Mar.
o We are creating a video for our website and social media promoting awareness, enrollment and need for funding.

o Large LCCA sign to be put out in front of the school for a max of 40 days (per the Village of Summit’s signage code).

• Old Business

• New Business

o Back office support/HR fulfillment search

✓ Narrowed options down to two local companies
✓ Move to the quote process and send comparison out a week in advance to answer

any questions the board may have before we vote in the February meeting

o Board&Officersinsuranceupdate

✓ T. Peterson working on questionnaire – in process

o Principal Meet & Greet & Tuesday Tours

✓ Meet and Greet – January 12 (B. Williams will be in attendance)
✓ Tuesday tours will be held in January and may extend into February

• Other

o Public announcement re: LCCA principal on 1/7/21 (press release, e-newsletter & social media)

o B. Williams will be writing job descriptions for teachers and staff; begin interviewing in early February

o K. Vourax and B. Williams to get firm layout of school and can we afford portable classrooms as an option to the original layout for the 7-9th grade. Available space and cost will dictate final enrollment caps

• Adjournment at 7:43 p.m.