Board Meeting Minutes – 05.05.21

Lake Country Classical Academy

Board Meeting MInutes (via

May 5, 2021


Board Members in Attendance:

– Kristina Vourax – Taryn Whipple – Tom Gehl
– Royce Hicks

– Ali Schweitzer
– Dan Fuhrman joined after approval (7:15 p.m.) Also in Attendance
– LCCA Principal Bart Williams
– Deanna Alexander, public observer
– Mary Larson, public observer


Board Meeting Called to Order

  1. 7:02 p.m.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. Agenda approved.
  4. Floor opened for public comment, none given.
  5. Board meeting minutes from April 7, 2021 approved.


New Business

  1. New Board member discussed. Motion was made by Tim Peterson to appoint Dan Fuhrman to the LCCA Board of Directors. Motion was seconded by Tom Gehl. Motion carried.
  2. New Board Secretary was discussed.
    1. Heid Brookes is stepping down from the Board due to time constraints
    2. “Motion was made by Tom Gehl to appoint Ali Schweitzer as LCCA Board Secretary. Motion was seconded by Tim Peterson. Motion carried.”
  3. Principals Report
    1. School location update
      1. New school location plan was shared with families on April 28
      2. The majority of parent feedback has been positive other than concerns over driving distance. We will be creating a parent connection form for parents interested in carpooling with other parents.
      3. Current enrollment numbers: (K) 51(1) 51
        (2) 50
        (3) 42
        (4) 42
        (5) 47
        (6) 44
        (7) 43 *few seats open
        (8) 46
        (9) 41 *few seats open
    2. Faculty Recruitment
  1. 86.3% Staffed
  2. In need of Facilities Manager and Business Manager

c. Hillsdale Teacher Training

  1. There will be sessions offered:1. Grades 7-9 June 16-19
    2. Principal, Administration, Office Staff, Special Ed June 23-24 3. K-6 June 24-27
  2. There are 16 teachers heading to Hillsdale College on their own time in June.
  3. Hillsdale will provide on campus training at LCCA for two weeks in August.
  4. Gantt Chart Update: Running about 5 days behind, with the expectation to be back in line by May 15. These delays are due to hiring delays due to the tremendous obstacle of finding a new school location in such short order.
  5. Open House at at St. Matthew’s campus scheduled for May 15
  6. School start and end times:
    1. K-4th: 8am-3pm
    2. 5-9th: 8:20-3:26
  7. Discussion regarding revised school year calendar. Motion made by Tom Gehl to approve the revised LCCA 2021-2022 school calendar. Motion seconded by Ali Schweitzer. The motion carried

9. Treasurer’s Report (Royce) a. See Attachment (1)

i. No Vote required. 10. Facilities and Finance (Tim)
a. See Attachment (2)

i. Tim noted that we only get 80% of the funds public schools receive so there is a deficit to make up.

ii. Finance and Facilities Members are: Tim, Dan, Royce, Bart – The next meeting is May 26

11. Policy and Curriculum (Tom and Taryn)

a. b. c.

Uniform Discussion
Taryn Whipple presented the LCCA Uniform policy to the board

Motion was made by Tim Peterson to approve LCCA Uniform policy. Motion seconded by Royce Hix. Motion carried.

12. Fundraising&StakeholderCommunicationsCommittee(KristinaandAli)

  1. LCCA Liberty Gala is set for July 31, 2021. The gala committee is coordinating all marketing efforts, invitations are being mailed and sponsor recruitment has begun. Speakers/special guests include Eric Coykendall (Hillsdale College), President Russell Swagger (LCO Ojibwe College), and Rebecca Kleefisch.
  2. Grants
    1. Submitted revised grant application to Wisconsin DPI – Revised Charter School Application. Expecting to hear back by the end of May/early June.
    2. Will be submitting an application to the Bradley Foundation.
  3. The Ambassadors Ball – set for Nov. 6, 2021, at Bristlecone Pines.

Old Business

13. DPI Update

a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Discussed above in fundraising
Board Committee formation (see above)

Open House, new dates given (see above)
School Calendar (see above)
Next Hillsdale Board training tentatively set for November 11-14.
Work is being done on a Board handbook to be discussed at the next Board meeting Open House

  1. St. Mathews, grades 5-9 1:00-3:00pm
  2. Holy Trinity, grades k-4 10:00-12:00 (waiting on confirmation)

14. Motion to Adjourn. 8:16 p.m.