Board Meeting Minutes – 10.06.21




Lake Country Classical Academy

Special Board Meeting
October 6, 2021
LCCA West Campus, 818 W. Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc


Dan Fuhrman, Ali Schweitzer, and Tom Gehl (in person)
Kristina Vourax, Tim Peterson, Taryn Whipple, Royce Hix (virtual)

1. Call to Order

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm by Tom Gehl, presiding.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  3. Motion to approve the board agenda by Ali Schweitzer, seconded by Tim Peterson.Motion carries.

2. Citizen’s Forum

a. Several members of the public were present but none chose to speak.

3. Consent Agenda

a. Motion to approve the minutes of the September 1, 2021 regular board meeting by Dan Fuhrman, seconded by Ali Schweitzer. Motion carries.

4. Action Items

  1. Election of LCCA Board Vice President.
    A motion to elect Dan Fuhrman as Board Vice President was made by Tom Gehl. He stated the role of Vice President includes acting in the place of the Board President, Kristin Vourax, in her absence. Also, to be a second person involved in communications with Hillsdale College. Seconded by Ali Schweitzer. Motion carries.
  2. Election of new board member.
    Tom Gehl announced the matter of electing Brian Hastings to the LCCA Board. A motion to elect Brian Hastings was made by Tim Peterson, seconded by Tom Gehl. Motion carries. Upon being elected, Brian Hasting joined the other Board members seated at the table.
  3. Contractor invoice for East campus remodel.
    Dan Fuhrman introduced a contract between Catalyst and LCCA that was previously entered into by the LCCA Principal and a related invoice. The total contract value of $390,555 exceeded the budgeted amount of $350,000 and therefore the contract needs to be approved by the Board. The first invoice due under the contract is in the amount of $252,608 which includes a line item list of work performed.
    Tom Gehl made a motion that the LCCA Finance Committee will speak to the contractor verifying the work performed and the required timing of payment. The Board authorizes payments for this contract, including the first invoice as presented, upon successful completion of this review. Seconded by Tim Peterson. After a brief discussion, the motion carries.
  1. LCCA Medication Policy and Medical Authorization Form.
    This policy and form were contained in the Board packet for the October 6, 2021 Board meeting was introduced by Tom Gehl.
    A motion to approve was made by Ali Schweitzer, seconded by Tim Peterson. The motion carries.
  2. LCCA Medical Emergency Response Policy and MERT Report
    This policy and report were contained in the Board packet for the October 6, 2021 Board meeting was introduced by Tom Gehl.
    A motion to approve was made by Ali Schweitzer, seconded by Tim Peterson. The motion carries.

5. Leadership Team Report

  1. Eric Wozniak reported on the following updates:
    • Enrollment stands at 420.
    • Faculty professional development day is October 14th.
    • Hillsdale onsite training is scheduled for October 19-20th.
    • Car line at West Campus is working much better.
    • Changes to schedules are working well.
  2. Margaret Daigneau reported on the following updates:
    • Wednesday, October 13th is a casual day
    • Parent teacher conferences are October 26-28th
    • 1-2 para-professionals are still required for special education
  3. Discussion
    • Brian Hastings commented on the positive improvement at the school in the pastcouple weeks particularly with drop-off, pick-up, and general friendly attitude ofparents and staff.
    • Tom Gehl thanked Eric, Margaret, and Kim Nichols for their outstanding effort goingthrough the leadership change at LCCA.5. Treasurer’s Report

a. Royce Hix commented on the Treasurer’s Report which was contained in the Board packet for the October 6, 2021 Board meeting:

  • ─  It is difficult to perform a full financial analysis without the full implementation of theaccounting system.
  • ─  Expenditures are running at about $400,000 per month including operating expensesand capital expenditures.
  • ─  LCCA has a strong cash balance. It does not appear that it will be necessary to drawupon the credit line but if that were necessary, the credit line is in place for that purpose.6. Committee Chair/Liaison Reportsa. Facilities Committee update was presented by Tim Peterson. Topics included:

─ A facilities plan has been created with projects listed in priority order. There are

numerous items on this list including plumbing work, flagpole repair, etc.

  • ─  Recommendation to the Finance Committee is to require three quotes for contractor work or vendor purchases above a prescribed value.
  • ─  Brian Hastings commented there is an opportunity to get parents involved in facilities projects.
  1. Finance Committee update was presented by Dan Fuhrman. Topics included:
    • ─  The Finance Committee is working on an updated financial forecast for the currentfiscal year with analysis being performed in five areas: 1. Revenue, 2. Operating expenses, 3. Capital expenditures including all launch costs and move-in costs, 4. DPI Reimbursement Grant update, and 5. Donations and fundraising.
    • ─  Implementation of the accounting system continues which is a major priority.
  2. Communications and Fundraising Committee update was presented by Ali Schweitzer. Topics included:
    • ─  Ambassador’s Ball has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 5, 2022 at TheLegend at Bristlecone.
    • ─  There is a shooting sports fundraiser scheduled for October 16, 2021.
    • ─  A fundraising plan is being created.
  3. Other Business

─ Kristina Vourax commented she and Taryn Whipple are presently participating in a

seminar hosted by the LCO Ojibwe, LCCA’s authorizer. It is a great experience to learn more about the LCO tribe, their history and background.

6. Adjournment

a. Motion to adjourn by Ali Schweitzer, seconded by Brian Hastings. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 7:58pm.