Board Meeting Minutes – 11.03.21

Lake Country Classical Academy

Special Board Meeting
November 3, 2021, 7 p.m.
LCCA West Campus, 818 W. Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc


President Kristina Vourax called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. All Board members were present with the exception of Royce Hix. Tim Peterson attended the meeting via remote phone connection.

Agenda Approval – Citizens Forum – Minutes from October Meeting:

  • Motion made by Tom Gehl to approve the Agenda – Motion was approved.
  • There were no comments offered in the Citizen’s Forum
  • Motion made by Ali Schweitzer to approve minutes from the October 5, 2021 meetingwas made and approvedLeadership Report:

• Interim Principal Margaret Daigneau presented the Leadership Team Report. The report covered a variety of topics ranging from school activities to Parent-Teacher Conferences. The report can be found attached to these minutes.

Amended Budget:

  • An amended budget for 2021-22 was presented by Dan Fuhrman. It was reviewed and discussed.
  • Motion made by Tom Gehl to approve the amended budget as presented.
  • Motion approved.Spending Authority – Interim Principal:
  • A motion made by Brian Hastings to approve spending authorities for the Interim Principal along the following lines:>Expenses and capital projects as contained in the approved Amended Budget for FY 2021-22>Delegation of Authority up to but not exceeding $5,000 for items not in the Amended Budget
  • Motion approved


Legacy Committee and Expenses for Liberty Gala:

  • Motion made by Tom Gehl to approve expenses submitted by the Legacy Committee for the Liberty Gala held on July 31, 2021
  • Motion approved
    401-K Plan for LCCA Employees:
  • Dan Fuhrman presented a recommended plan developed by T. Row Price for a 401-K savings program for LCCA employees
  • Details of plan can be provided to interested parties, but primary tenets are 50% matching up to 3% of salary, with a payout of matching funds to be made once a year, on July 1 of each successive year.
  • Motion to approve plan made by Ali Schweitzer
  • Motion approvedLCAA Policy on Student Discipline:
  • Policy was presented by Margaret Daigneau
  • Motion made by Tim Peterson to approve policy, with a Board request for clarification onthe place of recess in the policy. Margaret to provide said clarification
  • Motion approved •Admissions and Lottery Policy:
  • Policy presented and discussed
  • Eligibility for 4-K is to be four years old on or before September 1 of the school year
  • Eligibility for 5-K to be five years old on or before September 1 of the school year
  • Motion made for approval by Taryn Whipple
  • Motion approvedPosition of Board Secretary:
  • Motion made by Ali Schweitzer to nominate and approve Tom Gehl for the position of Board Secretary
  • Motion approved •Status of Board Committees:
  • Kristina explained the function and roles of the two Board Committees
  • Finance and facilities are now combined into one committee – this is Chaired by DanFuhrman
  • Communications and Fund Raising remains unchanged – this is chaired by KristinaVourax

Committee Reports:

  • Finance and Facilities:>Evaluating the purchase of a Van/SUV to transport staff and students between campuses>Plumbing issues have been addressed
    >Condition of roofs are adequate for the present time
    >HVAC issues being addressed by contractor
    >Flag pole at the East campus is being repaired
    >A full time custodian is covering East, and two part-time custodians are handlingneeds at West
    >Grounds maintenance being covered by volunteers
    >Additional options being evaluated for additional space, possible new location, etc.
  • Communications and Fund Raising:>Kristina discussed plans for the LCCA Ambassadors’ Ball on February 3, and noted the date of July 16, 2022 for the Second Liberty Gala>Discussed various plans and ideas for Fund Raising plans for the 2022-23 school year>The Legacy Committee provided and update on “Attitude of Gratitude” campaign (last two weeks of Nov.). Students will be encouraged to show gratitude toward their teachers; request to families to meet immediate needs of the school/teachers – Amazon Wish List – Top-10 Needs being identified).Adjournment:
  • Tim Peterson moved to adjourn meeting
  • Motion approved – meeting adjourned at 8:21 PM

LCCA Principal Report to Board of Directors

School Leader Report to Board of Directors November 3, 2021


Current Significant Issues/Opportunities – elsewhere in agenda Matters of Approval – elsewhere in agenda
Risk and Charter Compliance Update:

  1. School Goals – in progress
    1. Math Growth Y1: 55% of all students who take the fall and spring NWEA Map Assessment willmeet projected growth in math.
    2. Reading Growth Y1: 55% of all students who take the fall and spring NWEA Map Assessment willmeet projected growth in reading.
    3. Family Engagement Y1: At least 40% of all LCCA families attend each quarterly LCCA family event,as measured by attendance records.
  2. Hillsdale Partnership
    1. Hillsdale visit report previously shared to board
    2. Hillsdale letter re: school marks previously shared to K. Vourax; Hillsdale College Member School
  3. Finance
    1. Enrollment – currently 406 students, East 212; West 194
    2. Attendance –
    c. Contracts
    1. PowerSchool service contract
    2. CESA5 agreement
  4. Academics and Student Life
    1. Parent Teacher Conferences
      1. K-6 attendance = 96% of students had a parent attend
      2. 7-9 attendance = 79% (72/91) of 7th-9th grade families were represented at conferences
    2. Upcoming close of Quarter 1 (11/24), Report Cards
    3. Student Services, Special Education Compliancei. Compliance:

1. We have two students whose evaluations have expired. We inherited these and are working to complete re-evaluations.

  1. We missed a 60-day deadline for an initial evaluation (by 6 days). There was miscommunication regarding DPI criteria. (It is 60 days to complete an evaluation, 30 days after that to complete an IEP, NOT 90 days total).
  2. 100% of our students are currently in the general education setting for at least 80% of their day! This is something that is tracked by DPI, and we’re doing great.
  3. All of our students are receiving the OT, PT, Speech, and Vision services as outlined in their IEP plans.
  4. We just found out a student has an IEP that we have not been servicing, as parents did not indicate anything in School Mint and have not communicated a disability or IEP with LCCA staff. We will implement this immediately.

ii. Progress Monitoring/Data Collection:

  1. Progress notes will be sent home with report cards. I intend to review these to make sure that students are, in fact, making progress, or that there is a reasonable explanation as to why progress is not being made.
  2. Numbers: 504s – 11; IEPs – 36; Referrals – 3; RtI – Tier 2, 5; Tier 3, 0
    1. Speech/Language: 12
    2. Other Health Impairment: 10
    3. Specific Learning Disability: 7
    4. Autism: 2
    5. Intellectual Disability: 2
    6. Significant Developmental Delay: 2
    7. Emotional/Behavioral Disorder: 1

iii. Highlights:

  1. First grade teacher is collaborating with speech therapist to plan a peer-interactive math activity one time per week, so SLP can work on social communication skills with the student in the general education environment.
  2. OT is collaborating with special education staff and regular education teachers to put accommodations in place for students.
  3. School Psychologist identified a student who was being serviced by a 504 plan and made a referral for an IEP to fulfill IDEA and FAPE requirements.
  4. 6th grade teacher is collaborating with the special education teacher and assisting in the modifications of assignments for a student.

d. Curriculum Updates
i. Final order for main materials in progress

e. Discipline

  1. Current situations – vandalism (tp, paperclip), physical fight, verbal altercations, lockers
  2. DisciplineReferral
  3. Virtue Reflection

f. Culture

  1. Oct. 13 Casual Dress Day; Nov. 10 Wacky Wednesday for $1
  2. Daily assemblies at East
  3. Monthly assemblies at West; possibly bi-monthly/weekly in future
  4. LCCA Virtue Code

v. Weekly Staff Memo


1. Matters of Note:

  1. Facilities
    1. Plumbing at East and West
    2. HVAC at East
    3. Front door fix at East
    4. Successful Fire Drills (East 10/22; West 10/28), Nov drills are scheduled
  2. Professional Development
    1. October 14 – article discussion, grade level meetings, curriculum review
    2. Hillsdale visit – observations and debrief
    3. Hillsdale Zoom opportunities
    4. Weekly faculty meetings to include pre-reading and discussion
  3. Human Resources
    1. Custodian at East hired; custodial help at West hired
    2. Part-time Latin teacher hired (6th&7th grade)
    3. Long-term Math sub hired through end of November
    4. Part-time Math teacher needed (Algebra 1) by December 1

1. Website, Indeed, LinkedIn, LCCA Facebook page

  1. IT
    1. 100 chromebooks for testing expected this week
    2. NWEA Map setup & data is underway
    3. Professional grade radios with secure frequencies arrived
    4. All networking and security (cameras and doors) projects have been completed
  2. Upcoming Events


  1. Wednesday, November 10 – “An Evening of Classical Conversation” @ 6:30p.m., East
  2. Wednesday, November 17 – Enrollment Information Session @ 6:30p.m., East
  3. Thursday, November 25 – Sunday, November 28 – Thanksgiving Break
  4. Wednesday, December 1 – Quarter 1 Report Cards
  5. Tuesday, December 14 – 5th-9th Band&Orchestra Christmas Concert @ 6:30p.m., East
  6. Tuesday, December 21 – K-9 Christmas Choral Concert @6:30 p.m., East
  7. Thursday, December 23 – Sunday, January 2 – WINTER BREAK
  8. Monday, January 3 – All Staff Professional Development Day
  9. Tuesday, January 4 – Students return
  1. School leadership requested actions of the board for the next board meeting
  2. Board requested actions of the principal for the next board meeting