Board Meeting Minutes – 01.08.22

 Long Range Planning Meeting of LCCA Board of Directors – January 8, 2022 

In attendance were all seven Board members and Margaret Daigneau. 

These minutes are not intended to and in fact do not capture every action item, goal, or vision that was expressed. Please note that the Board Secretary has in his possession the flip-chart pages and stick notes that DID capture these, and they are available if they are ever needed. 

The meeting agenda was as follows: 

  1. I.) Introduction 
  2. II.) Five Year Vision for LCCA 
  3. III.) 1-2 Year Vision for LCCA 
  4. IV.) Operating Process: Board and Head Principal 
  5. V.) Action Items 


Each board member shared their personal story as to how their association with LCCA came to be Additionally, they shared memories or anecdotes of formative experiences from their personal K-12 educational journey. 

Five Year Vision: 

All attendees participated in an exercise whereby they wrote a headline, and few sentence lead paragraph of an article to be written five years from now about LCCA. 

The exercise proved very fruitful in that it helped identify frame board members’ long-term views, and helped frame a consensus for and commitment to the notion of “where we want to be” in five years’ time. Issues such as the status of the school as a leader in the Charter School movement, achieving the status of a Certified Hillsdale school, enrollment sizes ranging from 750 -= 1,200 students, a single, dedicated campus, a change in the trajectory of education in Wisconsin, etc. were spoken to in this exercise. 

One to Two Year Vision – Immediate Needs: 

This exercise involved identifying what short term objectives/immediate needs were present: 

  • • Recruit and hire a CFO – preferably with experience in the field of education and DPI compliance requirements. 
  • • Enrollment marketing – sufficient enrollment for operating purposes for 2022-23. 
  • • Sufficient staffing for 2022-23 
  • • Additional classroom space: a number of options being evaluated and vetted by FFC. 
  • • Student Services Department 
  • • Fund Raising – A number of options and alternatives being evaluated. 

Board/Head Principal Operating Process: 

  • • A general review of the tenets of the Hillsdale model was held. 
  • • There is consensus on the board, and between the Board and our Head Principal, as to adhering to the spirit and the law of this model. 

Action Items: 

  • • See 1-2 Year Action Items/Immediate Needs