Board Meeting Minutes – 03.02.22

Lake Country Classical Academy

Regular Board Meeting – March 2, 2022

7 PM LCCA West Campus – 818 West Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc


I.) Open Meeting:

• Board President Kristina Vourax called the meeting to Order at 7:03 PM. All

Board members were present: Tim Peterson and Dan Fuhrman attended via


• Motion made by Tom Gehl to approve the Agenda, with one noted change:

to move the Preliminary Budget from an Action sequence to a Discussion

item. Motion passed.

II.) Citizen’s Forum:

• There were no requests to speak

III.) Consent Agenda:

• Only one item on the C.A. and it was approved – the minutes from the

February 2 and February 24 Board meetings.

Discussion Items:

I.) Leadership Report:

• Head Principal Margaret Daigneau presented. Her report can be found on the

web site.

II.) MAP Results:

• Margaret presented results that were positive to national averages.

• A question arose as to whether or not we could get comparisons to local

districts, and that will be investigated.

III.) Authorizer Report:

• Kristina Vourax presented, and this will become a regularly scheduled Agenda


• Kristina will have a monthly call with the Lac Courte Oreilles to ensure they

are receiving the information they need, and to continue to maintain and

nurture this critical relationship.

IV.) Preliminary Budget:

• Brian Hastings took the Board through a multi-page Power Point Presentation

with details of the budget in its current, preliminary state. The document will

be posted to the LCCA web site.

• The Board will schedule a Closed Session to discuss particulars of the budget

regarding faculty wages and benefits.

V.) Conflict of Interest Policy:

• Tom Gehl presented the Policy, and Kristina indicated it would be a

requirement going forward for all Board members to sign it on an annual


Action Items:

I.) Mobile Classrooms:

• Tim Peterson presented two vendor options:

A.) Wilscot – 4 classroom configuration

B.) Satellite – 8 classroom configuration

• Tim and Brian further explained that due to considerations of cost, space, and

capacity, the Wilscot was the substantially preferred model.

Motion made by Tim P. to approve the “earnest money” of $5,000 for the Wilscot proposal

in order to hold the pods for LCCA and reduce the risk of them being leased/sold to some

other school or entity. This motion specifically authorized Tim Peterson to sign an

agreement, which would forfeit these funds if the Board opted not to lease the pods but

would allow us to recoup them if we could not get zoning approval from the civic


II.) Lease Agreement with St. Matthews:

• Dan Fuhrman informed the Board that negotiations with St. Matthews for

additional space for the 2022-23 school year were in process but were not

concluded. This item was not ready for Action in this meeting, to no motion

was made.

III.) Skyward and SIS for 2022-23 School Year:

• Brian presented this.

• Tom Gehl made motion to approve – motion passed.

IV.) 2022-23 School Calendar:

• Parent Tonia Froling spoke, requesting an evaluation of whether LCCA’s

calendar could be made to coincide with several area districts that she

mentioned. Specifically, Spring Break of 2023 was addressed as a concern.

• Discussion about pros and cons ensued, and it became apparent the Board

was not ready to act on this matter. It will be tabled and addressed at a

subsequent meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Brian Hastings addressed high points:

• February came in within 1% of budgeted costs.

• Cash on hand at end of February was $700,000

• Final invoice to Catalyst was paid.

• Working on the 501 (3) (C) tax return.

• Current projections call for a $200,000 shortfall in August, with known fund- raising

efforts to address that gap.

Board Committee Reports:

• Facilities and Finance Committee:

Dan Fuhrman reported that a couple of sites are being evaluated for a “one location”

facility plan, and that an RFP for an initial engineering plan may be presented to the

Board in 1-2 months’ time.

• Fund Raising and Communications Committee:

o The Liberty Gala is July 16, 2022; planning efforts continue with procurement for

Silent Auction items, and several other smaller initiatives.

o The Ambassador’s Ball raised $40,000, all of which will be eligible for matching funds

from the William S. Knight Foundation grant.

President’s Report:

• Kristina thanked parents, leadership, and staff for all of their on-going efforts

and commitment.

Meeting Adjournment:

• Brian Hastings made a motion to Adjourn – motion passed. Meeting was

adjourned at 9:32 PM.