Board Meeting Minutes – 04.06.22

Lake Country Classical Academy

Regular Board Meeting – April 6, 2022

7 PM – 818 West Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc


I.) Board President Kristina Vourax called the meeting to Order at 7:02 PM. All Board

members were present, with Tim Peterson attending via telephone.

II.) Motion made by Tom Gehl to approve the Agenda – Motion passed.

Student Spotlight:

• 8th grade student Brielle Alexander presented her award-winning forensics piece.

Brielle placed fourth at the state forensics meet and brought home the first trophy

for LCCA!

Citizens’ Forum:

• There was one request to speak. An LCCA parent Rich Vance encouraged all efforts

to register with the WIAA and establish LCCA varsity athletics each season in order

to satisfy all probationary requirements of the WIAA.

Consent Agenda:

• Dan Fuhrman moved approval of the Meeting Minutes from the March 2, March 15,

and March 23 meetings, with two noted corrections to the March 2 meeting


>Spelling correction made to note Tim Peterson (not Tom) under the Action

Item of mobile classrooms.

>Under Section Four and the Preliminary Budget Report, wording changed

from “compensation” to wages and benefits.

• Motion passed with these changes.

Discussion Items:

I.) Leadership Report: Margaret Daigneau presented her report, a copy of which is

attached. A highlight in the report was the 92% retention rate from teachers into

next year; a figure well above the Hillsdale Charter school average. A copy of this

report is attached to the minutes.

II.) Authorizer Report: Kristina Vourax presented this report, a copy of which is

attached to the meeting minutes.

III.) Board Committees: Tom Gehl presented information on the Board’s intention to

develop policies to outline roles, responsibilities, and staffing of Board committees.

A policy is scheduled to be presented to the Board for approval at the May meeting.

Action Items:

I.) Budget for Liberty Gala:

• Motion made by Taryn Whipple to approve the budget for the 2022 Liberty Gala.

• Budget is in the amount of $42,342.30, with expected net fund raising to be

approximately $200,000. Every dollar raised by the Gala will be matched by the

William S. Knight Foundation matching grant.

II.) Excel Engineering Agreement:

• Dan Fuhrman presented a contract agreement with Excel, for the purposes of doing

initial design and concept development of a one-location school building.

• Motion made by Tim Peterson to approve the contract at a cost not to exceed $7,500.

• Motion Passed

III.) In.Studio Architects Agreement:

• Tim Peterson presented the need to enter into this agreement in order to obtain

Building Permits and appropriate requirements for the attaining of municipal, county,

and State approval of the use of mobile classrooms at LCCA East for the 2022-23

school year.

• Tim Peterson moved to approve this agreement at a cost of $7,000.

• Motion passed

IV.) Invoices for Legal Services:

• Dan Fuhrman presented the attendant invoices for approval from the firm of Husch-


• Tom Gehl moved approval of invoices in the amount of $15,753.50

• Motion passed.

It is noted that each of the above items were presented in accordance with Board Policy, which

requires approval of any expenditure not contained within the budget that is in excess of $5,000.

Treasurer’s Report:

• Brian Hastings presented

• Information included our cash position as of the end of March, as well as an update on

discussions with additional banks for an increased line of credit.

• Additionally, he presented his report of the preliminary budget for 2022-23, outlining

issues such as one-time start up costs (getting LCCA East in acceptable condition),

categorical aid for Special Education next year, the declining per student cost going into

the future, and additional information. This report is contained in the minutes of the

March meeting.

Committee Reports:

Facilities and Finance Committee:

• Tim Peterson updated the board with all relevant information and activities associated

with the FACFIN committee.

Fundraising and Communications Committee:

• Kristina Vourax updated the board with the various activities associated with the work of

the committee, including Liberty Gala planning and TLC fundraisers and events such as

restaurant nights, and the Oconomowoc Independence Day Parade in which LCCA will be



• Tom Gehl made a motion to adjourn

• Motion passed – meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM.

LCCA Principal Report to Board of Directors

*Modeled after BCSI [Sample] School Leader Report to Board of Directors

April 6, 2022


Current Significant Issues/Opportunities – elsewhere in agenda

Matters of Approval – none

Risk and Charter Compliance Update:

1. School Goals – in progress

a. Family Engagement Y1: At least 40% of all LCCA families attend each quarterly LCCA family event,

as measured by attendance records.

b. Forward Y1: 60% of all students tested will score as Proficient or Advanced in ELA and Math as

measured by the Wisconsin Forward Exam.

2. Hillsdale Partnership

a. Monthly call between Dr. Katy O’Toole and Principal

i. Connected with Oscar Ortiz, BCSI Principal

b. Hillsdale resources (videos, podcasts, documents) pushed to teachers in weekly memo

c. The School Bell and The Chalkboard: monthly newsletters to teachers and school leaders

3. Finance

a. Enrollment – currently 396 students, East 215; West 181

i. 2022-2023 Enrollment

1. All available seats have been offered in K-9th grades

2. 14 openings in 10th grade

3. 1 offer outstanding

4. 2 students are in the RP status (Registration in Progress)

5. 465 students are fully verified

6. 288 waitlisted

b. Contracts

i. Purchased MAP Reading Fluency K-2 assessment to meet Reading Readiness requirement

by DPI; reimbursed for cost

4. Academics and Student Life

a. Parent Teacher Conferences

i. K-6 attendance = 95% of students had a parent attend (Oct. = 96%)

ii. 7-9 attendance = 79% of 7th-9th grade families (65/82) represented (Oct = 79%)

b. Upcoming close of Quarter 3 (4/8), Report Cards sent on 4/14

c. Student Services, Special Education Compliance

i. Compliance:

1. Setting: 30/33 in Environmental Code “A” (student is inside the regular classroom

with non-disabled peers 80% or more of the time)

2. Timelines: Eval and IEP timelines are compliant

3. Compensatory services offered when required

4. DLM (Dynamic Learning Maps) will be administered in April

ii. Numbers:

1. Total Students

a. IEPs – 33 students

b. 504s – 4 students

c. LCCA has evaluated 14 new students so far this year

i. 5 qualified for special education

ii. 6 did not qualify for special education

iii. 3 students are currently in the evaluation process

d. 9 students were dismissed, or parents revoked consent for special education

so far this year

e. Projecting an increase from 33 to 44 IEPs next school year

iii. RtI

1. Classroom teachers have been providing interventions for over a month. Most

students are making sufficient progress, per teacher report. Data will be re-evaluated

in April/May.

a. Tier 2: 24 students

b. Tier 3: 4 students

iv. Other:

1. Actively recruiting a Vision/Orientation & Mobility Specialist

2. Attempting to hire a paraprofessional to replace resignation last month

d. Standardized Testing

i. Forward Testing March 30 – April 29; 3rd through 8th grades

ii. ACT Aspire – April 27; 9th grade

iii. MAP Testing – April 25 – May 27; K through 9th grades

iv. MAP Reading Fluency to meet Reading Readiness test requirement; K through 2nd grades

e. Curriculum Updates – none

f. Discipline

i. 2 student disciplinary issues a West

ii. Spreadsheet tracking virtue reflections and discipline referrals; paper copies in student files

1. Virtue Reflections: 5th – 0; 6th – 4; 7th – 2; 8th – 2; 9th – 0

2. Discipline Referrals: 5th – 0; 6th – 0; 7th – 0; 8th – 0; 9th – 2

g. Culture

i. March 15 – flagpole pulley lesson with 1st grade

ii. K-4 poem memorization (“Perseverance” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) at assembly

iii. Kindergarten recitation of Preamble

iv. March 16 – Assembly at West

v. March 18 – Spirit Wear Day

vi. March 18 – 4th grade dodgeball game

vii. March 30 – 1st grade Mexican Fiesta

viii. March 31 – Literacy Parent Night hosted by TLC

ix. April 1 – Mom/Son Game Night


1. Matters of Note:

a. Facilities

i. West – Roof Leak in the Kitchen was repaired on March 8th. Vidmar Roofing completed the

work: removed the deteriorated sealant at scupper box, re-glued the roof at the scupper box,

and re-caulked the flashings. St Matthews paid for repairs.

ii. West – Upstairs staff men’s bathroom toilet and women’s bathroom off the gym toilet

repaired by JM Brennan on Monday April 4th.

iii. West – Removed bench and shelving in the upstairs hallway; repaired and painted the wall

iv. West – LCCA sign re-installed at street; grommets fixed and trim re-enforced

v. East – No A/C in 4th grade room. Butters and Fetting is scheduled to come out next week to

give estimate on A/C.

vi. East – adding woodchips to the playground at East. Best quote was from Robb Brinkmannwoodchips

$33/yard X 20 yards = $660.

vii. East – Traffic bond for front parking lot/driveway (3 yards for $165)

viii. East – Received 4 lawncare quotes – will review with P. Knapp

ix. Both campuses – Completed the annual fire extinguisher and fire alarm testing in March

x. Both campuses – Received 3 quotes from cleaning companies, will review with P. Knapp

b. Safety Concerns – none

c. Professional Development

i. April 6 Faculty Mtng Discussion; The Elements of Teaching, Pleasure chapter

ii. April 6 Faculty Mtng Discussion; Teach Like a Champion: Circulate; The Joy-Factor

iii. Faculty Book Club led by Brandon Muri; (The Great Tradition: Classic Readings on What It Means

to Be an Educated Human Being)

iv. All faculty/staff expected to attend one Hillsdale zoom/office hours per month

d. Human Resources

i. Personnel Summary Report

Offers of Employment

Name Position Location Effective Replacing

Connor Mullins Upper School History West August 15, 2022 new position

Sydney Tone Upper School Science West August 15, 2022 new position

Nicholis Wagner Asst Principal K-6 East July 1, 2022 new position


Name Position Location Effective Reason

Kim Nichols HR Director Admin May 2, 2022 Shift to part-time, contracted

Open Positions

Position Location Effective

Teacher for the Visually Impaired West Immediately

Sped Paraprofessional West Immediately

Business Manager Admin May 1, 2022

ii. 22-23 Employment Agreements due April 4; 92% Faculty/Staff retention

e. Upcoming Events

i. April 15: NO SCHOOL

ii. April 27: ACT Aspire Testing (9th grade)

iii. May 24: 5th-9th Spring Fine Arts Performances (band, orchestra, choir); 6:30 p.m.

iv. June 5: Year-End Celebration at Dockhounds game

LCO Ojibwe College/Lake Country Classical Academy

April 6, 2022 Authorizer Update

I.) LCOOC Update:

a. Karen Breit has been working with Sarah Hackett/WRCCS and Alex Robertson/DPI to

learn more about their role as an authorizer and organize their work. She is in the

process of creating a structured calendar/timeline so both the LCOOC and LCCA

understand when reports are due, when the LCOOC receives authorizer payments, etc.

She will share this with us when completed.

b. Karen will be scheduling a school visit (“check in”), along with a representive from the

Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools (Sarah Hackett) sometime in the next

couple of months.

c. We need to be sure to provide the LCOOC with copies of any reports that are filed with

the DPI.

II.) LCO Ojibwe teachings/curriculum integration:

a. Jason Bisonette, LCOOC Board President and Dean of the LCO Ojibwe K-12 school, will

be providing a professional development for LCCA faculty on June 13, 2022. This would

be a workshop for faculty and staff on how to incorporate true Native American

teachings into our existing curriculum.

III.) LCCA Board Visits to Hayward in 2022:

a. LCCA Board of Directors to Attend LCOOC board meeting on May 20. Members of the

LCCA board and LCCA principal, Margaret Daigneau, will drive up on Thursday, May 19,

for a tour of the Ojibwe K-12 school and the college, dinner with the LCOOC board that

evening, and a lunch meeting at 11:00 on Friday, May 20.

b. Seven Generations Summit, Sept. 29 & 30, 2022: The entire LCCA Board of Directors and

LCCA Principal, Margaret Daigneau, will attend this year’s Seven Generations Summit.