Board Meeting Minutes – 05.04.22

 Lake Country Classical Academy 

Regular Board Meeting – May 4, 2022 

6 PM – 818 West Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc 

Meeting Minutes 

I.) The meeting was called to order by Board President Kristina Vourax at 6:03 PM 

II.) Motion by Brian Hastings to approve agenda – motion passed. 

III.) Citizen’s Forum: 

There were two requests to speak: 

  • • Trent Niemeier spoke about the length of terms for board members, a schedule for replacing them, and listing the length of terms on the web site. 
  • • Andrea Hayse spoke about the decision to hire an engineering firm to scope plans for a 1-location school. She cited the figure of LCCA’s current enrollment and waiting list being over 700 and questioned whether it would be reasonable to target a number higher than 800 in the planning of a new, 1-location school. Previous comments from the board and Principal Daigneau had indicated that Hillsdale has communicated an optimal size of 800 – 1,200. 

IV.) Consent Agenda: 

  • • Motion by Tom Gehl to approve the minutes from the April 6, 2022 regular Board Meeting and April 14, 2022 Closed Session meeting – motion passed. 

Discussion Items: 

I.) Leadership Report: 

  • • Margaret Daigneau provided her monthly report, a copy of which is included with these meeting minutes. 

II.) Authorizer Report: 

  • • Kristina Vourax gave an update on the board’s planned trip to Hayward on May 19-20, to tour the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College. Also mentioned a possible visit to LCCA from representatives of the LCO Ojibwe Board in May. 

III.) Board Committee Policies: 

  • • Tom Gehl presented a draft of a policy on Board Committees. The intent of this draft is to define the role, constitution, and responsibilities of committees. 
  • • Board discussion followed, in which a desire for additional language that addressed the process of selecting volunteers who serve with these committees, and the development of greater status and authority for them, so that they would be more able to better represent and execute the work of the respective committee. 
  • • The draft will be modified to address these additions and brought back for further review and action at the June meeting. 

Action Items: 

I.) Funding for Mobile Classrooms: 

  • • Tim Peterson reported that the several components of the budget are being fine- tuned and confirmed, and this item was not yet ready to be brought for action or approval. 

II.) Policy on User Fees: 

  • • Tom Gehl presented a policy under which the board would establish and approve User Fees on an annual basis. These fees are assessed on a per student basis and are intended to cover the physical cost of curriculum and associated materials. 
  • • Motion by Tom Gehl to approve Policy – motion passed. 

III.) Policy on LCCA Public Ambassadors: 

  • • Tom Gehl presented a policy to define the actions and responsibilities of board members and school leadership when speaking/presenting to public groups or outside entities. 
  • • Motion made by Tim Peterson to approve Policy – motion passed. 

Committee Reports: 

I.) Treasurer’s Report: 

Brian Hastings presented: 

  • • A gap of $48,000 in April, due in large part to a delay in the $74,000 Charter start-up grant. This is payment is expected the week of May 9. 
  • • Cash on hand at end of April was $175,000. 
  • • We have submitted the first reimbursement of matching funds to the W.S. Knight Foundation. Funds raised were $109,000, and this is the amount to be reimbursed via the WSKF matching grant. 
  • • The final DPI reimbursement for the 2021-22 school year is due on June 6, not May 15. 
  • • All transactions through March 31 are now entered in Skyward (accounting operating system). 
  • • Additionally, Skyward is fully functional in the handling of LCCA payroll. 
  • • Our initial field audit is to occur the week of May 9. 
  • • Other banks are being interviewed and vetted for the purpose of increasing our line of credit. Current LOC is $250,000 and we are seeking a $750,000 credit line. An increased LOC is needed to provide flexibility and liquidity given that DPI funds are received only four times a year. 

II.) Facilities and Finance: 

Tim Peterson presented and indicated there was nothing additional to report other than what he had covered under the mobile classroom funding topic. 

III.) Fund Raising and Communications: 

Kristina Vourax presented: 

  • • Fundraising letter sent to parents in April has raised $29,000 to date (26 of 232 families have participated)
    • • 2022 Liberty Gala update: o Revenue to date from the Gala is $93,000 
    • o Value of procured items for the Gala’s Silent Auction is approximately $40,000 to date. 
    • o The committee is still working on obtaining some higher end items for the Auction. 
    • • The Legacy Committee – fundraising and events update: o $2,000 raised for gift cards for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. 
  • o Coin Wars fundraiser (May 9 – 20). 
  • o Badger Burger restaurant night raised approximately $200. 
  • o Lake Country Dockhounds End of Year Celebration, June 5 – 300 tickets sold so far. 
  • o Weekly grade level play dates every Friday at Fowler Park through the end of the school year. Gives families an opportunity to socialize. 
  • o Middle/HS Dance (7th-9th grade) at West, Sat. May 21. 52 students signed up so far. 
  • o Oconomowoc Independence Day Parade, July 2 – looking for volunteers to help coordinate and create an entry/float. 

President’s Report: 

  • • Kristina Vourax spoke of Teacher Appreciation Week and thanked all of LCCA’s teachers and staff. 

Motion to Enter Closed Session: 

  • • Motion by Tom Gehl at 7:30 to enter Closed Session under State Statute 19.85 (1) (c) for: “Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility”. 
  • • Motion passed 

Reconvene into Open Session: 

  • • Motion by Tim Peterson to approve a contract for the position of Controller for Ms. Lori Kaari. 
  • • Motion Approved 

Meeting Adjournment: 

  • • Motion made by Tim Peterson to adjourn meeting – motion approved. 
  • • Meeting adjourned at 7:41.