Board Meeting Minutes – 06.01.22

 Lake Country Classical Academy 

Regular Board Meeting – June 1, 2022 

6 PM – 818 West Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc 

Meeting Minutes 

I.) The meeting was called to order by Board President Kristina Vourax at 6:01 PM 

II.) Motion by Tim Peterson to approve the meeting agenda – motion passed. 

III.) Citizen’s Forum: 

There were five requests to speak: 

  • • Brianne Haust, Kristin Franke, and Allison Malnar all commented about aspects of LCCA they appreciated, spoke of the positive impact the school was having on the lives of their children, and expressed gratitude to school staff, Principal Daigneau, and the Board. 
  • • Andrea Hayse expressed concerns about school safety and queried the availability of funds for School Resource Officers. She also referenced the subject of our future “one campus school,” and asked if it was possible for the Board to indicate the boundaries within which the next school facility might be located, so that parents considering a move could be better informed as to where they might want to purchase a home. 
  • • Joanne Timmerman expressed gratitude for the impact of LCCA on the lives of students, and also inquired as to whether there was grant money available for the funding of School Resource Officers. 

IV.) Consent Agenda: 

  • • Motion by Tim Peterson approve the minutes from the May 4, 2022 Board Meeting. Motion passed. 

Discussion Items: 

I.) Controller Position: 

• Margaret Daigneau introduced LCCA’s new Controller, Ms. Lori Kaari. Lori’s time at LCCA began on May 31. 

II.) Leadership Report: 

• Margaret Daigneau presented her report for May, a copy of which will be attached to these minutes and posted to the web site. 

III.) Authorizer’s Report: 

• Kristina Vourax presented, and shared in broad form the content of the Board’s trip to Hayward to visit the schools and Board of the LCO Ojibwe. Five board members were in attendance for a tour of the school, the college, and a meeting with the Tribal Board. She shared our request for a five-year renewal of our Charter, and indicated the LCO would determine this matter at its June Board meeting. Also shared that our authorizer liaison, Ms. Karen Breit, performed a site visit at LCCA on May 24. 

Action Items: 

I.) Reappointment of Two Board Members: 

• Tom Gehl reviewed the comments of an LCCA parent who had raised questions about the duration and renewal of the terms of Board members at the May meeting, and thanked him for doing so. 

• Gehl acknowledged that the Board was a few months behind schedule and explained steps that have been taken to remedy this, so that future renewals are executed on a timely basis, and in keeping with our By Laws. Board members serve three-year terms. 

• Tom Gehl moved a renewal of a second three-year term for Taryn Whipple. The motion passed unanimously with Ms. Whipple abstaining from the vote. Her new term will be from January 1, 2022 – January 1, 2025. 

• Tom Gehl then moved a renewal of a second three-year term for Kristina Vourax. The motion passed unanimously, with Ms. Vourax abstaining. Her new term will be from January 1, 2022 – January 1, 2025. 

II.) Parking Lot Paving at East Campus: 

• Margaret Daigneau presented. 

• Four quotes had been received, two of which had been forwarded to the board of Holy Trinity for their selection of one of the two. 

• LCCA’s lease agreement with Holy Trinity calls for the 50/50 sharing of certain capital expenses, and the paving work would fall under this component of the agreement. 

  • • Tim Peterson moved the approval of funds to meet our half of the total expenses, with that amount not to exceed $23,000. 
  • • Motion passed. 

III.) Additional Space for the 2022-23 School Year: 

• Dan Fuhrman reported that negotiations were still not finalized, and therefore, there was no action to be taken at this meeting. 

IV.) Policy on Board Committees: 

• Tom Gehl spoke of the submission of a policy draft on this subject at the May Board meeting and noted the suggestions and comments that came out of that discussion. 

• A revised Policy which incorporated the above noted suggestions was presented to the Board at this meeting. 

• Brian Hastings moved approval of the updated Policy, and the motion passed. 

Committee Reports: 

I.) Treasurer’s Report: 

Brian Hastings presented: 

A positive variance of $32,000 was realized in May with actual expenses being below budgeted amount. Following additional highlights were noted in his report: 

  • • Cash on hand at end of May was $150,000. 
  • • The amount raised from the Coin Wars was $25,000. 
  • • The amount raised from proceeds of the school play, Annie, was $5,000. 
  • • A payment to Skyward was accelerated in order to facilitate our reimbursement. He highlighted that we are fully live on the system, and utilizing Skwyard. All is going well to date with that new system. 
  • • Our final payment from DPI for this school year is due the week of June 6, and will be in the amount of $1,0530,000. 
  • • Initial results from our annual audit are very positive. Final report not yet in our possession. 
  • • $83,000 of grant money from the State will be due: $40,000 as part of the CSP reimbursement grant, and $43,000 from a flow through grant for Special Education costs. 
  • • Discussions with Waukesha State Bank and other candidates continue, with the goal of securing a substantial increase to our Line of Credit. 

II.) Facilities and Finance: 

Tim Peterson presented: 

  • • We are close to finalizing the lease agreements for our classroom pods. 
  • • The Committee is working on all details associated with sewer connections, and noted John Heller’s expertise, and prodigious efforts on our behalf in this area. 
  • • Tim expects a recommendation to be made the week of June 6. 

III.) Fund Raising and Communications: 

Kristina Vourax presented: 

  • • Fundraising letter sent to parents in April has raised $40,000 to date, all of which qualifies for matching funds from the William S. Knight grant. 
  • • LCCA Liberty Gala update: revenue to-date from the Liberty Gala is $117,000; the face value of procured items for the Gala’s Silent Auction is approximately $50,000. 
  • • The Legacy Committee (TLC) update: Planning is underway for a Fall Festival, an LCCA community event and fundraisers; volunteers are needed for LCCA’s participation in the Oconomowoc Fourth of July Parade. 

President’s Report: 

  • • Kristina Vourax highlighted faculty recognition that was giving at the monthly staff meeting on June 1. 
  • • Also mentioned the formal Leadership Award presented to Margaret Daigneau for her outstanding service during this challenging start-up year. 

Meeting Adjournment: 

  • • Motion made by Tim Peterson to adjourn meeting – motion approved. 
  • • Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.