Board Meeting Minutes – 06.07.22

 Lake Country Classical Academy 

Regular Board Meeting – June 7, 2022 

4:30 PM – Virtual Meeting 

Meeting Minutes 

I.) The meeting was called to order by Board Vice-President Dan Fuhrman at 4:33 PM. All Board members were present except Kristina Vourax, who was unable to join the meeting due to Internet difficulties. She was able to join the meeting shortly after its start. 

II.) Motion by Tim Peterson to approve the meeting agenda – motion passed. 

III.) Citizen’s Forum: 

There were no requests to speak. 

Discussion/Action Sequence – Classroom Capacity for the LCCA 2022-23 School Year: 

Facilities and Finance Committee Chair Tim Peterson presented: 

  • • Various documents were presented containing relevant information pertaining to projected enrollment for the year, current capacity, the addition of classroom trailers (pods), additional space at existing East and West campuses, etc. 
  • • Discussion ensued which deliberated risks, unknowns, dependence upon the decisions of governing municipal bodies, implications of beginning a school at the grade levels we had established, etc. Discussion also clearly indicated the need to grow enrollment to meet financial and enrollment commitments. 
  • • After some substantial discussion, Brian Hastings made the following motion: 

“That the Board of LCCA approve expenditures not to exceed $50,000 to continue with Phase I of expanding classroom capacity via the acquisition and installation of mobile classrooms.” 

  • • Motion passed 

Tim Peterson moved for adjournment – motion passed. 

Meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.