Board Meeting Minutes – 07.20.22

 Lake Country Classical Academy 

Board Meeting – July 20, 2022 

6PM – LCCA West Second Floor Classroom 

Meeting Minutes 

I.) The meeting was called to order by Board President Kristina Vourax at 6:01 PM. All Board members were present, with the exception of Taryn Whipple, who joined by phone connection shortly after the start of the meeting. Also present was Principal Margaret Daigneau. 

II.) Tim Peterson moved approval of the Meeting Agenda – motion passed. 

III.) Citizen’s Forum: 

  • • There was one request to speak – Andrea Hayse 
  • • Ms. Hayse requested the board consider and adopt a method to broadcast or live-stream open meetings. She additionally requested that all policies that are approved be attached to the Meeting Minutes and/or posted to the LCCA website. She also sought clarification in the LCCA By Laws as to the terms of Board members, and whether or not there are any limits to number of terms. 

IV.) Consent Agenda: 

  • • Brian Hastings moved approval of Meeting Minutes from the Board meetings of June 1, June 7, July 7, and July 13. Included with minutes should be appropriate slides used in his presentations. 
  • • Motion passed 

A.) Discussion Items: 

I.) Leadership Report: 

  • • Principal Daigneau presented and her monthly report (included in these minutes). 

II.) 2022-23 Staff and Licensure Update – Presented by Principal Daigneau: 

  • • LCCA has 57 employees for the current year (2022-23 school year). 
  • • 46 of 57 require licensure as instructional staff. 
  • • 38 out of 46 (83%) are compliant with licensure. 
  • • 8 out of 46 (17%) are in process to be licensed by the start of the school year. 

III.) Facilities Contingency Planning – Presented by Principal Daigneau: 

  • • Holy Trinity has confirmed that we can use space in their basement until such time as the mobile classrooms (pods) are ready. 
  • • For whatever period of time might be needed, this space will house two sections of 5th grade and two sections of 6th grade. 

IV.) Parent and Staff Survey Results – Presented by Principal Daigneau: 

• 148 Parental responses and 37 Staff responses were received, indicating a high participation rate. Highlights of Parental survey showed very positive responses to whether parents would recommend LCCA to others, the academic growth of their children, quality of the teachers, rigor of the curriculum, etc. A summary of the parent survey are included in the these minutes. 

• Highlights of the staff survey showed very positive responses to questions of school leadership’s accessibility, responsiveness, leadership, accountability, etc. Also very positive responses to whether they would recommend attending and working at LCCA, overall quality of experience, etc. 

V.) Authorizer Report – Presented by Kristina Vourax: 

  • • Kristina presented the news of the LCO Ojibwe College’s decision to renew our charter agreement for a five-year time period, beginning July 1, 2023. 
  • • LCCA’s current charter agreement with the LCO Ojibwe College is secured through June 2022. 
  • • Board President and Member Kristina Vourax and Taryn Whipple were commended for their work in developing and maintaining this critical relationship. 

B.) Action Items: 

I.) Appointment of Brian Hastings as Board Treasurer: 

  • • Dan Fuhrman moved appointment of Brian Hastings as Treasurer of the LCCA Board. 
  • • A brief discussion followed, noting respect and appreciation for Brian’s enormous work on and contributions to our financial, accounting, and payroll systems. 
  • • Motion passed. 

II.) Preliminary Budget for 2022-23 and Three-Year Budget Projection – Brian Hastings: 

  • • Assumptions were presented that the budget was built on, including a per student funding from DPI of $9,200, categorical aid of 30% of last year’s actual expenses, student fees of $100 remaining flat, a Summer School program being in place no later than 2024, fund-raising amounts remaining flat to actual levels, etc. These assumptions are subject to change that would either positively or negatively affect our budget projections. 
  • • Enrollment growth going from 400 to 662 in three years 
  • • The projected budget deficits going out beyond the 2022-23 years were largely the result of large expansion of staffing at the high school levels, despite low student enrollment at those levels. 
  • • The three- year projections clearly indicate that, without philanthropic giving to close the gap, the school will operate at a budget deficit. 
  • • Discussion ensued including the commitment to continue fund-raising, but with the understanding that it could not be the sole solution to the deficits. Also, it was noted that donors to a capital campaign could not be expected to give to the support a new, one-campus location, if we cannot demonstrate that the school can operate at a break-even capacity. 
  • • Principal Daigneau outlined concerns about the ability to implement a Summer School program due to licensure and staffing needs. 
  • • Board members emphasized that a Summer School program was going to be needed and plans for such should be undertaken. Additionally, it was noted that staffing levels at the high school would need to be addressed to address the reality of our lower enrollment in those grades. 
  • • Tom Gehl moved approval of the 2022-23 Preliminary Budget – Motion Passed. 
  • • This budget will not be finalized until the October Board meeting, when actual enrollment has been verified, along with any changes to DPI reimbursement, student fees, etc. 
  • • The slides used by Brian Hastings in his presentation are included in these minutes. 

III.) CESA Five Business Services: 

  • • In December of 2021, the Board approved the contracted use of financial services from the Co-operative Educational Services Agency. 
  • • These services were vital to the establishment of our financial, accounting, and payroll systems. 
  • • Their services for work provided since that time went over the amount approved by $15,000, and Board Treasurer Brian Hastings recommended approval of these payments. 
  • • Tim Peterson moved approval of this amount – motion passed. 

IV.) Mobile Classrooms – Approval of Expenditures: 

  • • Tim Peterson gave an update on the entire project. 
  • • The State issued an Early Start Permit on July 13, and work has begun. 
  • • Enormous efforts are focused on being ready by the recently delayed start to the school year. 
  • • Tom Gehl moved approval of $316,973 of additional funding for completion of the entire project, to include leasing and installation costs. This amount is already contained in the budget figures presented by Treasurer Hastings in his earlier report. 
  • • Motion passed 

V.) Revised ’22 – ’23 Family and Student Handbook – Presented by Principal Daigneau: 

  • • This handbook will be revised each year to reflect any needed or appropriate changes. 
  • • Margaret highlighted changes, including revisions to sections addressing attendance, missed classroom work, late homework, sibling status for enrollment, State assessments, and other matters. 
  • • Once the revisions were approved by the Board, Margaret will finalize the document and make available to families. 
  • • Tom Gehl moved approval of all revisions as submitted. 
  • • Motion passed. 

VI.) Treasurer’s Report: 

  • • Cash on hand at end of June was $216,000 higher than forecasted. 
  • • Due to a higher than expected reimbursement from DPI and proceeds from the 2022 Liberty Gala received in June. 

Committee and President Reports: 

I.) Finance and Facilities Committee: 

  • • Tim Peterson presented an update on the installation of mobile classrooms at the East Campus, including installation of concrete pads, paving of fire lane, electrical connections, etc. 

II.) Fund Raising and Communications: 

  • • Kristina Vourax presented preliminary results from the Gala. While not yet finalized, total revenue was $304,000, with expenses expected to come in at $38,000. This yields a net gain of raised funds to LCCA of $266,000. Again, these are preliminary numbers, as expenses are still being finalized. A contract has been signed with the Ingleside Hotel for the 2023 Liberty Gala, which will be held on June 2 of next year. 
  • • She also reported on various efforts of the TLC, which included report of the terrific LCCA turnout for Oconomowoc’s Fourth of July Parade, more restaurant themed fund raisers for next year, a Fall Fest at the East Campus, a Water Park Night at the Ingleside, and more. 

III.) President’s Report: 

  • • Kristina spoke of the highlights of the 2022 Liberty Gala, and offered sincere and profound gratitude to those who helped make it a reality, as well as the generosity of sponsors, families, and supporters. 

IV.) Adjournment: 

  • • Tim Peterson moved to Adjourn – Motion Passed. 
  • • Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM.