Board Meeting Minutes – 08.17.22

Lake Country Classical Academy

Board Meeting – August 17, 2022

6PM – LCCA West Second Floor Classroom

Meeting Minutes

I.) The meeting was called to order by Board President Kristina Vourax at 6:01 PM. All Board

members were present. Also present was Principal Margaret Daigneau.

II.) Dan Fuhrman moved approval of the Meeting Agenda – motion passed.

III.) Citizen’s Forum:

• There was one request to speak – Ayrica Urban

• Ms. Urban thanked Principal Daigneau and the Board for the work of LCCA, and the

opportunities it has provided to her children.

IV.) Approval of Minutes from July Meeting:

• Tim Peterson moved approval of the Minutes from July 20 meeting.

• Brian Hastings commented that these Minutes should reflect the word

“additional” when referring to the $316,973 that was approved at this meeting for

the work of installing the mobile classrooms at LCCA East.

• Tim Peterson accepted this as a friendly amendment to his motion, and the

motion passed as such.


A.) Discussion Items:

I.) Leadership Report:

• Principal Daigneau presented and her monthly report which is attached to these


II.) Authorizer’s Report:

• Board President Kristina Vourax presented updates on the work with the LCO

Ojibwe on our continued strength of relationship and the recently received fiveyear

extension of our Charter.

III.) Recording of LCCA Board Meetings:

• Tom Gehl presented the continued desire and intention of the LCCA Board to

provide information and transparency to its stakeholders, and recognized the

difficulties associated with attending meetings in person. He cited the purchase of

audio/visual equipment that will allow the Board to tape and re-broadcast Open

Meetings. It is the Board’s intention to provide a link on the school’s web site to

provide a means for any interested parties to view and listen to the entire

meeting. He also cited and thanked the work of volunteer, Tristan Knapp, in

helping make this possible.

IV.) 2021-22 Q4 Financial Report:

• Board Treasurer Brian Hastings presented an Income Statement and Balance

Sheet (attached to Minutes). Amongst other topics, he highlighted the school’s

stronger than expected cash position.

B.) Action Items:

I.) Revised Special Education Policy and Procedures:

• Principal Daigneau presented the revisions to this Policy.

• Tim Peterson moved approval – motion passed.

II.) Revised 504 ADA Policy:

• Principal Daigneau presented the revisions to this Policy

• Tom Gehl moved approval – motion passed.

III.) Revised Employee Handbook:

• Principal Daigneau presented the revisions to this Policy, also explaining

that it had been reviewed and affirmed by Jennifer Williams, LCCA legal


• Tim Peterson moved approval – motion passed.

IV.) Revised Accounting Policy and Procedures:

• Brian Hastings presented

• Revisions included the requirement for a second signature on checks

greater than $2,000, and also the elimination of the use of gift cards for

volunteers, staff, or others.

• Dan Fuhrman called for the development of further internal controls, which

Board Treasurer Brian Hastings committed to developing.



C.) Treasurer’s Report:

• Brian Hastings presented

• Shared that recent negotiations with Waukesha State Bank have resulted in an

increase to $500,000 in our Line of Credit (was previously $250,000) and also

approval of a $400,000 Term Loan for the installation of our mobile classrooms.

Terms and Conditions of this loan are being vetted, and it will be brought back

to the Board for approval in Open Session at the September meeting.

• Cash on hand at end of July was $441.000.

D.) Committee Reports:

Facilities and Finance:

• Tim Peterson presented

• He gave a comprehensive update on the status of the mobile classroom

installation at LCCA East

• Highlights of report were that the Committee is hopeful of receiving State and

Municipal approvals such that work can be completed by the start of the school

year. However, there is a very real chance of us needing to utilize the basement

room capacity at Holy Trinity for a short period of time after the beginning of

the school year.

Fund Raising and Communications:

• Committee Chair Kristina Vourax presented

• There was no August meeting of the Committee

• She reported gross revenues of the 2022 Gala to be just over $300,000.

Total Expenses were $43,400 – leaving a net revenue of approximately


E.) President’s Report:

• Kristina spoke of the welcoming of Staff on August 15. She recognized their

service and tremendous efforts on behalf of the school and its students.


• Tim Peterson moved to Adjourn – Motion Passed.

• Meeting adjourned at 7:29 PM.