Board Meeting Minutes – 09.21.22

 Lake Country Classical Academy Board Meeting 

September 21, 2022 – 6PM 

Meeting Minutes 

Open Meeting: 

I.) Call to Order: • Board President Kristina Vourax called the meeting to order at 6:06 PM. All Board members were present. 

II.) Approval of Agenda: • Tim Peterson moved approval of the meeting agenda – motion passed. 

III.) Citizen’s Forum: • There were no requests to speak. 

IV.) Consent Agenda: • Tim Peterson moved approval of the minutes from the August 17 and August 31 2022 Board meeting – motion passed. 

A.) Discussion Items: 

I.) Leadership Report: • Principal Margaret Daigneau presented her report, a copy of which is attached. 

• Controller Lori Kaari’s presented the financial report (minutes of future meetings will include a written copy). Highlights included receipt of the DPI per student funding in the amount of $1,183,476, the approval of a term loan for the installation of the mobile classrooms, and grant work that is in progress. 

II.) Update on Upper Elementary Building: • Principal Daigneau provided an update on all relevant progress and remaining steps for the mobile classrooms (see attached). Going forward, the new, modular 

classroom units at the East campus will be referred to as the Upper Elementary Building (UEB). 

• We hope to receive approval for occupancy by October 1. 

III.) Authorizer’s Report: • Board President Kristina Vourax presented. 

• The LCO Ojibwe College is now received accreditation as a University (LCOOU), and will offer Masters programs in Business Administration and Human Services. 

• Language for the first draft of LCCA’s renewed five-year Charter is being finalized. 

• A quorum of the Board (Vourax, Gehl, Peterson, and Whipple) will travel to Hayward, WI to attend the Seven Generations Summit, 9/28-29 at the LCOOU. Also attending will be Principal Daigneau and Assistant Principal Wagner. 

B.) Action Items: I.) New Board Member: • President Vourax introduced the candidacy of Mr. Tom Branigan and outlined his experience. His strong background in communications and marketing (Branigan Inc.) will be an excellent resource for LCCA. 

• Various Board members commented on their discussions with and vetting of his candidacy and expressed strong support. 

• Dan Fuhrman moved approval of his candidacy and placement as a full member on the LCCA Board of Directors. 

• Motion passed – Mr. Branigan’s term will be from September 21, 2022 – September 21, 2025. 

II.) Revised Uniform Policy: • Principal Daigneau presented. 

• In response to parental and student feedback, the policy revision addresses the allowance of additional color for footwear, as well as small logos with approved colors. 

• Brian Hastings moved approval of the revised Policy and the motion passed. 

C.) Treasurer’s Report: • Presented by Brian Hastings. 

• He highlighted the on-going and successful transition to the school’s leadership team, led in the area of accounting and finance by Controller Lori Kaari. 

• He highlighted the closure of the school’s increase in our LOC (Letter of Credit) from $250,000 to $500,000, the status of a 5-year term loan for the installation of the mobile classrooms, and a strong cash position. 

D.) Committee Reports: • Tim Peterson reported on the September 14 meeting, which focused on the project to complete UEB (mobile classroom installation). This was addressed specifically in Principal Daigneau’s report and needs no repetition here. • Kristina Vourax presented. 

• She shared the recommendation of the Committee to hire a professional event planner for the 2023 Liberty Gala – this will be brought to the full Board for consideration and approval in the October meeting. 

• Outlined The Legacy Committee plans for October – restaurant nights this fall at Culvers and Lou Malnati’s. 

• A parents’ night out is planned for October 8 at Family Tai Kwon Do Champions (details will be shared in the Revere). 

Facilities and Finance: 

Fund Raising and Communications: 

E.) President’s Report: • Kristina thanked Margaret and the entire staff for a successful start-up to the new school year. 

• She also thanked parents and families for their patience with the installation of the mobile classrooms. 

• She outlined plans for our Annual Meeting in October, to be held after the regularly scheduled Board meeting, which will be recorded and accessible via the LCCA website. 

F.) Closed Session: • Tim Peterson moved to enter Closed Session under the provisions of State Statute 19.85 (1) (e): • Motion passed. 

Deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of 

public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session. 

G.) Return to Open Session and Adjournment: • The Board returned to Open session. 

• Brian Hastings moved to adjourn. 

• Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m. 

LCCA Principal Report to Board of Directors 

*Modeled after BCSI [Sample] School Leader Report to Board of Directors 

September 21, 2022 


Current Significant Issues/Opportunities – elsewhere in agenda 

Matters of Approval – elsewhere in agenda 

Risk and Charter Compliance Update: 

  1. 1. School Goals a. Performance Measures – update see attached sheets 
  2. 2. Hillsdale Partnership a. Monthly call between Dr. Katy O’Toole and Principal will be with Mr. Benjamin Couch Payne, recently joined Hillsdale K-12 Office to assist in school leader support. 
  3. b. Hillsdale resources (videos, podcasts, documents) pushed to teachers in weekly memo 
  4. c. The School Bell and The Chalkboard: monthly newsletters to teachers and school leaders 
  5. 3. Finance a. Enrollment – currently 509 students, East 344; West 165 1. All available seats offered in K-6th grades 
  6. 2. 1 offers outstanding 
  7. 3. 508 students are fully verified 4. 244 waitlisted K-6, 0 waitlisted 7-10 
  8. b. Preliminary Student Count funds received 
  9. c. 3rd Friday Pupil Count due September 23
    1. d. Contracts i. Raptor – visitor management software requires driver’s license sign in; stick-on photo ID visitor’s badge 

i. 2022-2023 Enrollment 

  1. ii. Fast Bridge – replacing MAP testing; once per year; robust system for intervention embedded in program 
  2. e. Business Office Update – Mrs. Lori Kaari 
  3. a. Open House 
  4. b. Parents Night – 90% attendance at East; 103 parents at West 
  5. c. Parent Teacher Conferences – Sept. 22, Sept. 30, Oct. 6 
  6. d. Student Services, Special Education Compliance b. Indicator 14: Post School Outcomes (does not yet apply) 
  7. c. Indicator 8: Parent Engagement Survey (January – June 2023) 
  8. 2. PCSA:RDA (Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment: Results Driven Accountability) – will complete in 2023-2024 
  9. 3. Timelines: All current and within allotted timeframe 
  10. 4. Setting: 43/46 students in environmental code A (Goal 80%) ii. Updated numbers: 
  11. 1. IEPs: 46 
  12. 2. 504 Plans: 6 
  13. 3. RtI Tier 2: 2 iii. August-September Student Services 
  14. 1. Transferred, wrote, or revised 22 IEPs 
  15. 2. SEEDS training (IEP management system) 
  16. 3. Medicaid Billing training 
  17. e. After School Enrichment Program started Sept. 12 
  18. f. Standardized Testing 22-23
    1. g. Discipline i. one incident at West 
    2. ii. one issue at East 
    3. h. Culture 
    4. i. Morning assembly – daily at East, weekly at West 

4. Academics and Student Life 

i. Compliance: 

1. Cyclical Indicator Year for LCCA 

a. Indicator 11: Timely Initial Evaluation – complete 

i. Will submit an assurance plan, as one initial evaluation exceeded the timeline in September 2021. 

i. K-6 Fast Bridge Math and Reading, fall ii. 7-10 Classical Learning Test (CLT), fall iii. K-2 Reading Readiness, state required, spring iv. K-8, 10 (Social Studies) Forward Exam, state required, spring 

v. 9-10 PreACT Secure, state required, spring 

ii. Student signatures on LCCA Virtue Code, 5th – 10th grades iii. Constitution Day assembly (9/16 at East, 9/14 at West) 


1. Matters of Note: 

a. Facilities 

  1. i. West – water in the basement after 9/11 – 9/12 rain. Vacuumed up water, have 4 blowers drying out the floor, St Matthews is installing 3 new pumps 
  2. ii. West plumbing – sink sensors- batteries replaced for start of year, urinal handles have been adjusted to regulate water flow. JM Brennan – installing new flush valve in first floor girls bathroom – toilet stopped working 9/14. 
  3. iii. East – water leaks found during 9/11 – 9/12 rain: locker room area hallway, kindergarten and 1st grade hallway, gym vent. Holy Trinity is in communication with Nations Roofing to address leak issues. 
  4. iv. Mahler Clean: East and West – have custodial cleaners’ nights from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. East added a day porter September 19th. Tentative hours 10:00a.m. – 2:00pm. b. Safety and Security i. Oconomowoc PD security training 
  5. ii. Oconomowoc Police have been monitoring drop-off/pick-up traffic at West – positive feedback and endorsement from department 
  6. iii. CPR and First Aid training 
  7. iv. CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) training 
  8. i. Weekly divisional faculty meetings 
  9. ii. 3rd Wednesday of month all school faculty meeting 
  10. iii. Study is Hard Work, by William Armstrong originally published in 1956, chapter 1 iv. All faculty/staff expected to attend one Hillsdale zoom/office hours per month d. Human Resources 
  11. i. Picture Day at East, September 22 

c. Professional Development 

i. Personnel Summary Report Offers of Employment 
Name Position Location Effective Replacing 
Name Position Location Effective Reason 
Open Positions 
Position Location Effective 
Sped Paraprofessional East Immediately 
Substitute Teachers East/West Immediately