Board Meeting Minutes – 2.15.23

Lake Country Classical Academy Board Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2023 – 6PM

I. Call to Order:

  • Board President Kristina Vourax called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM. All Board members were present, with Tom Gehl and Tim Peterson attending by phone.

II. Approval of Agenda:

  • Taryn Whipple moved approval of the meeting agenda – motion passed.

III. Citizen’s Forum:

  • There were no requests to speak.

IV. Consent Agenda:

  • Brian Hastings moved approval – motion addressed approval of the Minutes from January 7, 2023 Planning Session and January 18, 2023 Board meeting.
  • Motion passed.

A.  Discussion Items:

I. Leadership Report:

  • Head Principal Margaret Daigneau presented her report and a copy is attached to the minutes. Highlights included:
  1. A visit from the Hillsdale Coaching Team
  2. 95% of current students set to re-enroll
  3. Actual expenses YTD are on schedule to budget 
  4. Received DPI per pupil funding payment of $1.152MM on February 13
  5. Administrative team has narrowed to three the options for selection of software program for fund raising campaign.
  6. RTI Program is established
  7. Successful completion of a Lock Down drill
  8. Signed contract with Vesta for additional mobile classrooms for the 2023-24 year at the UEB.

II. Update on Authorizer Report:

Kristina presented an update on where this matter stands with the Waukesha County Executive, Paul Farrow’s office. Our new five-year charter agreement with the WCE, which takes effect on July 1, 2023, is currently being drafted. We plan to submit a final draft and benchmarks to the DPI by the end of April. 

B. Action Items:

  1. 2023-24 Preliminary Budget:
    • Margaret presented plans for next year, which have decreases in costs for the lease and installation of mobile classrooms and increases in other areas. At this time, a surplus of $156,000 is projected. 
    • 13 additional positions are in this budget (9 FTE’s and 4 Part Time). The part-time positions are non-instructional staff (business office, facilities and maintenance, etc.). 
  2. 2023-24 School Year Calendar:
    • Public comment was offered by Karen Sharkey:  the subjects covered were the desire for a parent survey regarding the school calendar, and the desire for an update on the long term facility/building plan issue, and the desire for a parent and staff survey prior to the development of the school year calendar.
    • Margaret presented the School Calendar – it contains significant alignment with surrounding public schools. 
    • Tom Gehl moved to approve as presented – motion passed.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
    • Brian Hastings presented
    • He commented on the school’s strong liquidity and cash position
    • The school has yet to have any need to draw on our Line of Credit at WSB (Waukesha State Bank). 
    • The signed letter of Intent from Waukesha County Executive Farrow allowed us to close on the loan for the mobile classrooms from WSB. The cost is slightly higher due to the rise in interest rates, but remained under the $5,000 threshold which requires board approval.

C.) Committee Reports:

A. Finance:

  • Brian Hastings presented the work of the committee’s February 8 meeting.
  • Todd Gray continues to work with CESA 5 to research the feasibility of a GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) report for the finance committee.
  • Concise and specific information for next year’s expansion of the UEB (mobile classrooms) is needed.

B. Fundraising & Communications:

  • Kristina Vourax presented the work of the committee’s February 13 meeting.
  • Recent TLC events include a mother-daughter movie night (attended by 160 students and moms, raising $300); Waterpark night was cancelled due to weather and rescheduled for March 2.
  • Planning is underway for the 2023 LCCA Liberty Gala, which is set for June 2. Tickets will go on sale around April 1, and volunteer help is needed with procurement and event day (set up, check-in, etc.). Anyone who is able to be a sponsor, donate an item, or willing to volunteer, please email the gala planning team at
  • The FCC has compiled information on possible capital campaign consultants and related costs for feasibility studies. This information will be shared with the LCCA Board for analysis as they determine the needed funding for LCCA’s future one-campus home. The FCC will provide fundraising strategy counsel to the board as fundraising efforts ramp up in the coming months. 

C. Policy and Curriculum Committee:

  • Tom Gehl presented the work of the committee’s February 13 meeting.
  • He explained that the Committee Charter had been modified to include in its responsibilities, the annual presentation of the school’s curriculum, with said presentation to occur every June or July.
  • A draft of a policy has been developed by the committee to outline the protocols and procedures of speaking at open board meetings. This draft will be presented for approval by the full board at its March meeting.
  • Shared the broad outline of the committee’s discussion at its February meeting regarding topics of the grading scale, rigor, and student workload, specifically at the high school level. 

D. President’s Report:

  • Kristina Vourax announced the resignation of Board member Dan Fuhrman and expressed appreciation for his significant contributions. 

E. Motion to Enter Closed Session:

  • Tom Gehl moved to enter Closed Session under Wisconsin Statute 19.85 (1) (e):

“Deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session”.

  • Motion passed and board entered closed session.

F. Reconvened in Open Session:

  • The board reconvened into open session.
  • Brian Hastings moved to adjourn – motion passed.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:47 p.m.