Board Meeting – 05.17.23

MAY 17, 2023


Our Mission: to train the minds and improve the hearts of our young people through a content-rich, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

  1. Open Meeting:
  • Meeting was called to order by board chair, Kristina Vourax, at 6:07 p.m. All board members were present (Kristina Vourax, President; Brian Hastings, Treasurer; Tim Peterson (virtual); and Taryn Whipple).
  • Notice of Meeting ran in the Waukesha Freeman on May 16, 2023, on the LCCA website, and was posted at both campus front entrances. 
  • LCCA Mission was read aloud followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Motion to approve the May 17, 2023 board meeting agenda by Tim Peterson, seconded by Taryn Whipple. Motion passed. 
  1. Citizens’ Forum:
    • Three citizens (Jacob Peterson, Andrea Hayse, and Karen Sharke) addressed the board and special guest, Waukesha County Executive, Paul Farrow, thanking Mr. Farrow for his support and willingness to authorize LCCA for the next five years.
  1. Consent Agenda:
  • Minutes from April 19, 2023 regular board meeting and closed session were shared and discussed. 
  • Authorizer Report – special guest, Paul Farrow, Waukesha County Executive, spoke about his and his team’s support of LCCA and plans for the future. 
  • School Leader Report – presented by Margaret Daigneau, Head Principal (see full report included with the minutes, including April 2023 financial statements). 
  • Treasurer’s Report – presented by Brian Hastings, Board Treasurer:
    • Cash on hand ~$1.005MM. 
    • Projecting cash at end of fiscal year [22-23] ~$1.39MM, or ~76 days budgeted 23-24 operating expenses. 21-22 ended with cash on hand of $608k, or 38 days this year’s [22-23] operating expenses.  Strong year over year improvement.
    • Assuming we fund all of the Upper Elementary Building 2.0 project without bank debt, we will see about a $300k reduction in cash over the course of next fiscal year.  Discussions for this are ongoing as we work towards adopting a preliminary budget for next school year in the June Board meeting.
    • All private notes are officially repaid.
  • President’s Report – presented by Kristina Vourax, Board President:
    • The LCCA Board attended board training at Hillsdale College on April 27 & 28. Topics included an overview of classical education, policy governance, running efficient meetings, and fundraising.
    • One -campus project update: the LCCA Board continues to meet with various parties to discuss possiblr facility and land options, as well sources of financing. The board will be meeting in closed session this evening to share updates on these confidential matters. The board appreciates everyone’s patience as we continue these discussions and negotiations, and we will keep the school community apprised as much as possible. 
  • Motion to approve the consent agenda by Brian Hastins, seconded by Taryn Whipple. Motion passed.
  1. New Business: 
  • LCCA Board Member Appointment: motion was made by Brian Hastings to appoint Tom Branigan to the LCCA Board of Directors. Seconded by Taryn Whipple, and the motion passed unanimously. Tom Branigan joined the LCCA Board for the remainder of the meeting.
  • Revised LCCA Uniform Policy (reading 1) – Margaret Daigneau, Head Principal, provided a copy of the revised uniform policy (draft) to the board. A survey was sent out to parents and to faculty/staff for their input which was considered by school administrators when revising the policy. Second reading and approval of the revised uniform policy will happen at the June 28 regular board meeting. The final uniform policy will be shared with families as soon as possible following board approval.
  • Revised LCCA Family Handbook (reading 1) – Margaret Daigneau, Head Principal, provided a copy of the revised family handbook (draft) to the board. Second reading and approval of the 2023-2024 handbook will happen at the June 28 regular board meeting and will be shared with families in late July. Some highlights of handbook revisions include, but are not limited to:
    • Uniform and Personal Appearance: Added language related to the treatment of uniform violations to better ensure consistent compliance with the uniform policies to promote the reasons LCCA has established a uniform code. 
    • Homework: Detailed the procedures for late homework and described the impact of late homework on a student’s performance. 
    • Grade Scale: Adjusted the grade scale to equate an A and A+ (93-100%) to a 4.0 GPA. Students who are most exemplary will still maintain the distinction and honor of earning an A+ while this adjustment aligns our grade scale to that of several others Hillsdale College Member Schools and traditional district public schools. School administration is looking into the possibility of providing weighted grading scale transcripts upon college/university request.
    • Graduation Requirements: Clarified specifics of Foreign Language requirements based on Latin course names. Clarified specifics of Composition, Logic, and Rhetoric by removing reference to “new” and “established” schools. Awarded credit for Moral and Political Philosophy in 11th grade that was not currently weighted 
    • Sex Education: Removed Sex Education as a required course because we are not required by the state to offer it nor is it currently in our curriculum. 
  • Revised Accounting Policies & Procedures (reading 1) – Brian Hastings, Board Treasurer, presented revisions to this policy (draft), mainly clarifying roles and reporting requirements. Second reading and approval of this policy will happen at the June 28 regular board meeting, and approved policy will be shared with the June 28 board meeting minutes.
  1. Motion to go into Closed Session: Motion to go into Closed Session (under Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1) (e): to discuss the purchasing of public properties in which competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session) was made by Tom Branigan. Seconded by Brian Hastings and the mostion passed. The board convened in closed session at 7:15 p.m.
  2. Reconvene into Open Session: Motion was made by Brian Hastings, seconded by Tim Peterson, to move out of closed session and back into open sessin at 8:50 p.m. Motion passed. Kristina Vourax noted that the board provided updates on various one-campus options for LCCA that are being considered in the Lake Country area, along with financing that would be required for each option. The board hopes to finalize and announce one-campus plans sometime in the next couple of months. 
  1. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn regular board meeting was made by Taryn Whipple, seconded by Tim Peterson, at 8:51 p.m. Motion passed.