Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 07.28.21

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting July 28, 2021

LCCA West (St. Matthews Church) 818 W. Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI


  1. Call to order. 6:05pm. In attendance: Tim Peterson, Bart Williams, Royce Hix.
  2. Facilities Plan Update. (Bart)West
    • Painting continues.
    • All work is proceeding on schedule.
    • Double-sided vinyl street sign will be put up soon on SE end of property – order about togo in East
    • In process of acquiring all state, county and town permits for the start of construction.
    • Asbestos abatement is scheduled for the last week in July.
    • Large sign to be ordered and installed shortly.
  3. Staffing Update (Bart)

• Business Manager and Facilities Manager coming up to speed quickly.

4. Finance Update. (Bart)

  • Proposed Budget: to be broken into months and provided along with monthly financial statements as soon as the Skyward software in installed and training is completed but will be in current from in Excel for the next four months as this all is scheduled in through Skyward.
  • Enrollment: Student enrollment applications that have not been completed have caused us to need to target certain grade levels which are not yet full. We will target Waukesha low income and Native Indian communities if we can identify them
  • DPI Grant BudgetBart presented a more detailed draft budget for the DPI reimbursement grant for fiscal year 2021-2022.

5. Old Business

  • Accounting SoftwareThe preferred accounting package is Skyward. Staff is working diligently to get the software installed and staff trained however this will take months.
  • Bussing: Bart indicated a used shuttle bus, or two vans are being budgeted for use by staff and parents to get students between campuses and minimize travel commutes. It was also discussed that if we can get a solid number of students from a cluster community such as Waukesha we could arrange for transportation.6. Adjournment. 7:12pm