Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 09.29.21

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Wednesday September 29, 2021

LCCA West (St. Matthews Church) 818 W. Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI


  1. Called to order 6:12 PM. Attended by Dan Fuhrman, Kim Nichols, Eric Wozniak, Brian Hastings, Royce Hix, Margaret Daigneau, and Time Peterson (virtual).
  2. Campus Status Updates West – Eric Wozniak
    • Building – no significant issue
    • Grounds – custodial is the biggest issue/HVAC seems to be okay – Facilities Mgr. Hasbeen out with Medical Issue/But water does not appear to be leaking
    • Parking Lot – new dual pickup line and now running better/Police Watching Speeding(Brian’s wife indicated it is now much better but was a mess) Walking permits for those who can walk to and from. Would be nice if they could go left out of East campus and not just right and all the way around the Okauchee turnaround.
    • Traffic Flow –
    • WiFi – Working on day one with printers and copier
    • Phones – finishing a few cables in some rooms
    • Security Cameras – being handed off to Eric on Friday and will confirm all work iscomplete and have a Public Address (PA) system and be able to distribute key fobs for faculty and staff (for one or both buildings) No special training has been performed other than CPR. Need Active Shooter, Tornado, and fire drills (monthly), etc. (Brian and Dan may be able to offer up an expert to help. Dan mentioned some special needs kids need to be sheltered from loud noises if possible)
    • Computers – all staff have laptops, but need more for testing (plan is for Chromebooks TP believes)
    • Office/Classroom Equipment – white boards are being finalized for wall mount installation
    • Water – ok
    • HVAC – ok
    • Maintenance – okEast – Margaret Daigneau

• Building – $38,310 roofing leaking and degrading with some structural concerns but will present proposal next week and will offer an installment payment plan & calking to prevent future issues via Pure Mechanical/Langer Roofing. No air conditioning in 4th grade classroom, needs $4,500 but can wait till spring. Electrician fixed lights behind the

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gym. Some toilets and sinks and faucets need repair. Plumber is scheduled to quote.

Very limiting with only 1 boy’s room.

  • Grounds – removing fence that quartans off much of the grounds/Needs flagpole to befixed.
  • Parking Lot – public and some neighbor spots are being fully utilized, but needs repavingeventually
  • Traffic Flow
  • WiFi – ok
  • Phones – just need a few longer cords
  • Security Cameras (silent alarm is being addressed) – keys and locks replaced vialocksmith. Front door doorbell and intercom working but no working remote release
  • Computers – staff ok but need testing chrome books with special testing app/lockingconcern
  • Office/Classroom Equipment
  • Water – city quality tested every other month. City takes tests.
  • HVAC – see above need for 4th grade upgrade
  • Maintenance – need more custodial as plan was not in place for custodialStaff – Kim Nichols
  • Administration
  • Teachers
  • Substitute Teachers – Needed! Pool is not yet knowledgeable on curriculum &procedures but have 6 and it’s growing as many have been out sick. Teachers on call is overwhelmed. Kristina has been making posts and is doing what we can. Using variable employee approach yet not benefit eligible to keep above the requirements.
  • Special Education – Need East Paraprofessional.
  • Facilities – Out on medical for extended period and need to get a lot done quickly so Kimis looking into alternatives. Currently unreliable. Original plan was to share a personbetween East and West and this is not enough for facilities or custodial services
  • Custodian – Need a cleaner for West and wants to post a position

3. Finance Update

  • Data (What do we know/Updates) – Royce/Eric/Margaret – working on updated forecast with Dan. 5 areas include 1. student reimbursement, 2. Run rate of operating costs (salary #1) 3. Cap Ex – move in costs and facilities texts, etc., 4. DPI Reimbursement Grant – many rules and regulations on this with documentation, 5. Donations & Fundraising.
  • Status of accounting system – Eric
  • Status of financial reporting – monthly budget to actual – Royce
  • Status of quarterly updated forecast preparation –Royce
  • Enrollment Changes – 421 steady, no additions or subtractions, next count due inJanuary? Based on enrollment for state funding.
  • Cash on hand – so far so good, but needs to be addressed aggressively for future plan


  1. Old Business
    • Transportation between schools – Had tasked facility director but need to look into leasing van or utility vehicle. Need CDL for larger vehicle and a backup drive with CDL. TP offered up his 2002 Cadillac Escalade which seats about 6.
    • Budget perspectives –
    • Foundation formation for new building program
  2. New Business

• Plans for 10th Grade Classrooms for ‘21/’22 schoolyear – ideas for expansion discussed.

6. Adjournment – 7:50 PM