Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 10.27.21

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Meeting Minutes Wednesday October 27, 2021

LCCA West (St. Matthews Church)
818 Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI

  1. Call to Order 6:11 PM – Brian Hasting/Dan Fuhrman & Tim Peterson (remote) – Guests (Kristina Vourax, Jericho Haust)
  2. Facilities Update:
    • Eric Wozniak & Pete told Brian there are leeks in roof at West too. Did walk throughbetween Gym & Walk Through. Working on estimate and repair to be completed asap. • Investigating various options for additional space to accommodate additional grade(10th) for 2022-2023 school year.
  3. Finance Update
    • Federal Title Programs (Special Ed/IEP/IDEA) needs to be investigated. Tom Gahle/EricWozniak will find out. Or get CESA guidance.
    • Need operating profitability budget to be drawn up for the 22/23 school year (dependson almost 475 students to start from 408 at present)
  4. Old Business• None
  5. New Business
    • Auto Insurance for “shuttle” – Now in place
    • E&O Insurance – Board Issue – to review
    • Other Insurance – Board Issue – to review
    • Snow Removal Necessary for both locations to be contracted or volunteers scheduled.(See George at East/HolyTrinity per KV) Jericho offered to help identity vendors.
    • DPI Grant – 4-6 weeks to receive per Brian
    • Public Audit is required for DPI on a fiscal year basis – Brian suggests $2K for Quarterlyplus $10-12K for Annual Audit.
    • Prepare Report for Board Meeting – next week.
  6. Adjournment – 7:59 PM