Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 12.01.21

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Proposed Minutes Wednesday December 1, 2021

LCCA West (St. Matthews Church)
818 Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI

  1. Call to Order 6:03 PM (Attended by Tim P., Brian H., Dan F., Jericho H., and Eric W.)
  2. Facilities Update
    1. All Smart-Boards now powered but staff needs help with learning to operate them.
    2. Flagpole at East is now repaired, and Flag is flying.
    3. Staff is being advised to avoid using electric heat to save cost.
    4. Staff has brought in professionals to “balance” the HVAC flow to get all rooms warm andcool enough. This is an ongoing process.
  3. Finance Update
    1. Holy Trinity still negotiating capital expense reimbursement per our lease contract.
    2. Accounting Software vendor SkyWord will need $10-11K to assist us in support servicesto include uploading data & training for it to become productive. They are asking for 2.5days per week to help in the new training or $5K/month (CESA5).
    3. Additional training for payroll of $360/pay period is needed from CESA5.
    4. Auditing/Financial Compliance is needed at end of year, and we are collecting quotes($10-15K). Also calls for an audit of our beginning balance at start of 2021. Also need anannual smaller “3rd Friday Audit.”
    5. Need separate CPA firm to provide general financial consulting (without Audit firmconflict).
    6. Brian to be make recommendations for audit firm costs at the January board meeting.
    7. Need accounting of the Gala PayPal funds detailed for any funds specifically restrictedfor anything (like Bus, etc.).
    8. Student Fees are also coming in through 3rd Party collection firm – also to be tied out.
  4. Old Business
    1. Transport Van Update – Tim gave rough estimate of $39,000 for used 12 passenger vanand clarified need for a CDL licensed driver for larger capacity vehicles. We need to do more work on projecting demand by parents with students at both locations and analyze costs compared with transport service outsource.
    2. Pods – two estimates outlined. Purchase $130,000 vs 2 year lease at ~$206,000.
  5. New Business

a. Summer School – needs to be addressed by management immediately as the demand is

there yet the teachers do not seem to be planning for it yet. 6. Adjournment 7:36 PM.