Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 02.16.22

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday February 16, 2022, at 6 PM

  1. Called to Order 6:05 PM (Connected remotely by Tim P., John H., Jericho H., Brian H., Margaret Daigneau & Melissa Harwick – a new volunteer to the committee with significant civil engineering, finance, and building development experience)
  2. Facilities Update – briefly covered schools are looking good and nothing too pressing to report/require other than that we are in need of a town building inspection and fire inspection (Jericho is looking into both of these)
  3. Finance Update
    1. Ambassadors’ Celebration financial recap – numbers not finished but looking like somewhere over a $50,000 gain
    2. Current Cash Flow – currently not a problem
    3. Budget update – next year is shaping up but dependent upon mobile classroomdecisions to be made shortly
  4. Old Business
    1. Public Audit Plan – vetting of vendor is still in process
    2. Transportation Update – subcommittee assembled, led by Brian Volkman, to reportback to FacFin committee after review of parent enrollment transportation survey data and Car-Pool App recommendation by next FAC/FIN meeting.
  5. New Business

a. Mobile Classroom/Pods Option Progress

  1. Capacity – lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of the two options identified(4 classroom config and 8-12 classroom config)
  2. Zoning – Architect hired to help get Town and County plan approvals and incontinued discussion regarding draft proposal request
  3. Budget – Brian is working closely with Margaret to iron out options and bestrecommendations
  4. Timelines – leading vendors are suggesting roughly a month from receipt oforder for delivery but will then need some construction on-site
  5. Project Plan – looking to put a deposit down on trailers, then put out an RFP forconstruction support to complete utility connection and final setup, then get zoning approval, then delivery, then construction vendor selection and final assembly to include utility hook-up. A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the potential for issues related to utility hook ups given the relatively constrained timeline we are working under for school opening September 1st.
  6. Peterson to work with architect Rich Pipek to clarify the municipal surface requirements for under the trailers (gravel/asphalt/concrete/etc,)

6. Adjournment with confirmation of next meeting (3rd Wed of the month – March 16th at 6 PM)