Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 05.18.22

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday May 18, 2022, at 6 PM
Microsoft Teams Online Meeting – Click here to join the meeting

  1. Called to Order (6:15 PM Attendance: John Heller, Jericho Haust, Dan Fuhrman, Peter Knapp, Aubrey Sampson, Melissa Harwick)
  2. Facilities Update – by Peter Knapp
    1. East Parking Lot Re-pavement recommendation for vendor to be sent to Margaret tobudget and schedule
    2. RTU @ E. for Art Room Motor Fixed & all AC units working well (except 4th grade knownHVAC capacity issue)
  3. Finance Update –Brian Hastings was unavailable, so this was tabled until the next meeting while Brian assured that the finances are not a current cause for concern
  4. Old Business
    1. Public Audit Plan – scheduled with help of new Controller expected to start soon
    2. Transportation Update – Carpool To School rollout is proceeding slower than anticipatedand will need further promotion in the new school year to succeed
    3. CFO Search – completed and Lori Kaari has been hired to the position of Controller
    4. Mobile Classroom/Pods Option Progress
      1. Capacity – the current plan calls for 6 classrooms to be leased beginning the 22/23 school year and 4 more the following year for a total of 10 POD classrooms to be added to the East Campus
      2. Municipal Approval Process:
        1. Town – making progress
        2. County – Needs Fire Lane commensurate with the size of the building
        3. State – soon to submit for building permit
      3. Building Permit Status – see above, soon to be requested
      4. Delivery Timeline – working to meet new school year start
      5. Project Plan/Gantt Chart – to be updated for next meeting
      6. Alternatives – contingency plans are ongoing and not attractive
  5. New Business
    1. Support for Gala/Fundraising – going well, Sold Out except for a few remainingSponsorship Tables, led by Kristina Vourax
    2. East Ballpark Rental Request Update – no longer a consideration
  6. Confirmation of next meeting (switch to June 22nd at 6 PM with plans to move to the 2nd Wednesday of each month thereafter)
  7. Adjourned 6:27 PM