Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 06.22.22

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday June 22, 2022, at 6 PM 

Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

  1. Call to Order (6:04 PM Virtual) Attended by Brian H, Dan F, Tim P, Lori Kaari, John Heller, Peter Knapp, and Margaret Daigneau
  2. Facilities Update – by Peter Knapp

a. b. c.

Small roof leaks at East to be taken care of with Holy Trinity’s help 
Some toilets changed to pressure assistance variety
East Driveway paving project to begin the week of 7/11

  1. Finance Update – by Brian Hastings
    1. Slightly over budge on some accounting administration with CESA5 for help withsoftware installation – fortunately grant funded and recoverable
    2. Working on new expanded banking LOC
    3. Overall the budget is on track
    4. Revised 3 year budget is in the works
  2. Old Business

a. Mobile Classroom/Pods Option Progress

  1. Updated Plan – revised Gantt chart reviewed
  2. Municipal Approval Process:

1. Town – John worked out a plan for sewer connection 2. County
3. State

  1. Building Permit Status – minor changes to plans caused delays to submission but expected to be submitted hopefully by end of day 7/15.
  2. Delivery Timeline – pods to begin delivery early July
  3. Project Plan/Gantt Chart – review with all contractor parties
  4. Alternatives – plans discussed for potential delayed pod occupancy

b. Gala Update

  1. New Business – none
  2. Confirmation of next meeting (New schedule of 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6 PM = 7/13/22)
  3. Meeting Adjourned 6:59 PM