Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 08.10.22

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday August 10, 2022, at 6 PM

Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

  1. Called to Order (Time 6:04 & Attendance: Peter Knapp, Brian Hastings, Tim Peterson, Dan Fuhrman, John Heller, Jacob Haust)
  2. Facilities Update – by Peter Knapp
    1. Driveway has been remediated (milled & patched) by the contractor via 4 major patches and will be restriped. Johnson & Sons is paying for this remediation. Did not do anything subgrade improvement. Peter will ask for whatever warranty they are offering in writing and see if the exit arrows can all direct traffic to the East (right).
    2. Floor Waxing at East went very well and completed
    3. Men’s toilets at East are now upgraded for faster flushing
    4. Desk procurements are in but bookshelves and tables to be delivered in September
    5. Lockers are delivered at East and next week for West (working volunteers to install)
    6. HVACs looking good for the new school year and changing filters routinely
  3. Finance Update – by Brian Hastings & Lori Kaari
    1. Work ongoing with CESA5 for Skyward Reports (YTD actual to budget, cash flow, balancesheet, etc.)
    2. Wages and deductions (insurance contributions, tax, etc) being aligned in Skyward
    3. CPA firm Reiley, Penner and Benton [RPB} will be on site the week of September 12thfor the annual audit and we are preparing
    4. Will need board sign-off on Audit – Brian will lead this
    5. Planning new school leadership finance report format to the board from the Controller
    6. Planning new treasurer report format to the board from the Treasurer
    7. Credit facility negotiations commenced with banks and expect to be in place late August/ early September. Preliminary discussions surrounding increased LOC and a new termnote for the modular classroom are promising
    8. Looking to see more detail on Mobile Classroom billing schedules as soon as available
    9. Cash position end of July about $100k higher than previously expected largely as a resultof the Gala doing exceptionally well and over performing the revenue budget.
  4. Old Business

a. Mobile Classroom Project Update – by Tim Peterson & John Heller

  1. Municipal Approval Process:
    1. Town – Received clarification we can begin trenching under early start
    2. County – Done
    3. State – Due for review 8/26/22
  2. Building Permit Status – we continue to ask for expedition through all avenues available – Brian offered to help
  3. Delivery Status –

1. Vesta Bathroom module due within 14 days (as early as next week)

  1. External Electric Panel is being set-up – rest of electric equipment is secured and WI Electric is being scheduled
  2. Sidewalk to be poured as a final project item
  1. Updated Project Plan/Gantt Chart – reviewed
  2. Alternative Plans for Classroom Accommodation should occupancy not be ready for school opening on 9/6/22

b. Gala Recap –

  1. Next year same venue reserved for 6/2/23 Friday
  2. Successful in dollars and experience and outreach
  1. New Business
    1. Dan working with experts on programming for new major facilities activities and willreport perhaps at the next meeting
    2. John investigated another potential property for our future one-campus facility
  2. Confirmation of next regularly scheduled meeting (Virtual, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 6 PM = 9/14/22, however please note that the chairman reserves the right to request a special Fac/Fin weekly Wednesday meetings prior to school start as there are likely to be special requests to meet Mobile Classroom schedule requirements)
  3. 7:09 adjourned