Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 09.14.22

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 14, 2022, at 6 PM

Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

  1. Call to Order (6:03 PM). Committee members in attendance: Dan Fuhrman, Tim Peterson & Brian Hastings, and Jericho Haust; staff members Lori Kaari and Peter Knapp; and guest Christopher Malicki.
  2. Facilities Update – by Peter Knapp
    1. Some water leaks at East being tracked down (the PODS are watertight), West has some in basement and looking at replacing sump pump
    2. Lockers – staff & volunteers helping install
    3. Cleaning staff contracted after hours and 1 day cleaner at East after lunch
    4. Landscaping – Weeds out of East flowerbeds and ball field to do pea gravel at West thisweek.
  3. Finance Update – by Lori Kaari
    1. Now reporting out of Skyward (a big improvement for management budgeting)
    2. In Audit and expected to take about two weeks to complete
    3. Cash flow is stable at this time based on current projections
  4. Old Business

a. Mobile Classroom Project Update – by Tim Peterson

i. Municipal Approval Process: 1. Town

2. County
3. State
4. Plumbing – expected this Friday 9/16

  1. Building Permit Status – in close working relationship with all authorities
  2. Delivery Status – a challenge but no critical delays identified so far
  3. Updated Project Plan/Gantt Chart – Occupancy expected end of September
  4. Alternative Plans for Classroom Accommodation until full occupancy permit

b. 2nd Annual Sporting Clays FUNdraiser at Wern Valley (9/17/22) Update – By Tim


  1. Registration below expectation due to poor mailing lists and ability to post atsome clubs – can use any help in spreading the word to shotgun shooters
  2. Strong sponsors this year – may carry over the raffle prizes to next year,depending on how many people register/participate.
  1. Confirmation of next regularly scheduled meeting (Virtual, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 6 PM = 10/12/22)
  2. Motion to adjourn by Dan, seconded by Brian at 6:38 PM passed and meeting was adjourned.