Facilities Committee Minutes – 11.09.22

LCCA Facilities Committee
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Location: Virtual
Time: 6:00-7:00pm

  1. Call to Order by Dan Fuhrman, Chair, at 6:01pm.
    In attendance: Dan Fuhrman, John Heller, Peter Knapp, and Paul Buffoni.
    Absent: Tom Gehl.
    No public visitors.
  2. Old Business
    • Facilities update (Peter Knapp)
    Some maintenance and repair issues with heating and thermostats requiring new sensors
    and/or circuit boards.
    Some issues in the UBE with flooring.
    Snowplowing contract in place.
    Fire inspection being performed.
    Note that we have paid approx. 70% of the Huzinger cost. No invoice received yet from Vesta.
  3. New Business
    • Mobile classroom expansion for 2023-2024 school year (John Heller)
    John reports he is working with Brian Hasting on scenarios for 4 or 6 new classrooms.
    Looking for used classroom units from Vesta, other vendors. Also, will price new.
    John will continue the active search for units and will report at the next meeting.
    John will also create a project plan and timeline.
    • Job description for the Facilities Committee (Dan Fuhrman)
    The Committee discussed and agreed to segment its focus and priorities in three areas:
    a) Support Peter Knapp with resources, ideas, suggestions, contacts, vendors to address
    immediate maintenance issues with existing facilities.
    b) Assist with expansion of existing facilities to meet the enrollment targets of the 3-year plan.
    Specifically, continued expansion with additional mobile classroom units and negotiation of
    lease extension options.

c) Drive the new building program. Long-term this will become the primary focus of the
Dan will edit the existing Job Description document with these points and submit it to the
Committee for the next meeting.
• Members
No suggestions for additional members.
• Regular meeting time
Second Wednesday of each month, 6-7pm, virtual, unless the meeting agenda requires in
person such as viewing large architectural drawings, etc.

  1. Adjournment at 6:58pm