Facilities and Finance Committee Minutes – 05.05.21

LCCA Facilities and Financials Committee Meeting

5/5/21 (Initial Meeting)

Meeting Via GoToMeeting

Attendees: Tim Peterson, Bart Williams, Royce Hicks, and Dan Fuhrman. No members of the public were present.

  1. Meeting called to order at 6 PM by Committee Chair Tim Peterson.
  2. Discussion about the mission and purpose of the committee.
  3. Discussion about the need for an outline to recruit new members.
  4. Discussion about the current financial condition of the school.
  5. Discussion about the current facilities plan.
  6. Assignment to Tim Peterson to create Facilities and Financials (Fac/Fin) committee overviewoutline.
  7. Discussion of schedule of meeting dates – suggest the last Wednesday of each month at 6 PM(ideally at a school location).
  8. Meeting Adjourned at 7 PM.