Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 06.30.21

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting June 30, 2021

LCCA West (St. Thomas Church)
818 W. Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI


  1. Call to order. 6:05pm. In attendance: Dan Fuhrman, Bart Williams, Royce Hix.
  2. Facilities Plan Update. (Bart)West
    • Painting upstairs is complete.
    • Painting downstairs to begin in two weeks.
    • Construction requirements are modest, including a sink for the school nurse, someacoustic panels and sound deadening, upstairs special education space.
    • Facility-related capital expenditure estimate approx. $25,000.
    • All work is proceeding on schedule.East
    • Construction requirements are significantly more extensive than West, as previously reported, including asbestos removal, new floor tile, classroom non-load bearing walls, HVAC updates, etc.
    • Facility-related capital expenditure estimate approx. $350,000.
    • Architectural plans were submitted to the Town of Oconomowoc and they forwardedthe plans to the state for conditional approval to begin construction.
    • Asbestos abatement is scheduled for the last week in July.Staff
    • Business Manager and Facilities Manager started this week.
  3. Finance Update. (Bart)

• Proposed Budget: Proposed budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 is being readied for presentation to the Board July 7th. This will include operating revenue, operating expense, non-operating income and expense, capital sources, and capital uses. An inflation cost factor has been added to previous estimates. The draft budget indicates a modest operating surplus for the fiscal year and appropriate cash and liquidity throughout the fiscal year.

  • Enrollment: Some student enrollment applications have not been completed. The deadline for completion is July 1st. Any registrations not fully completed will roll off after this date which then opens up slots for students on the waiting list. LCCA Board members and staff will begin the next phase of a marketing campaign after this process shakes out to ensure a strong waitlist is always in place.
  • DPI Grant BudgetBart presented a detailed draft budget for the DPI reimbursement grant for fiscal year 2021-2022. The DPI project budget will be updated and presented to the Board July 7th. The draft DPI project list exceeds $300,000 which includes both operating expense and capital items in the proposed 2021-2022 fiscal year budget. The total DPI reimbursement amount is capped at approximately $225,000 for this fiscal year.

4. Old Business
• Accounting Software

The preferred accounting package is Skyward. Staff will make a proposal to the Board for approval.

5. Adjournment. 7:05pm