Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 08.25.21

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting August 25, 2021

LCCA West (St. Matthews Church) 818 W. Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI


  1. Call to order 7:07 PM. (Tim, Dan & Bart with guest Jericho Host – former Devine Redeemer/High School and LCCA Parent/Volunteer)
  2. Facilities Plan Update. (Bart Williams) West
    • Double-sided vinyl street sign in process of digging & has sign for over main door.
    • Touch up painting next week
    • Classrooms mostly set up
    • WiFi to be beefed up next week by putting in a repeater
    • Phones due soon, but walkie talkies are overdue and backordered & use simple ones in interim till October (for emergency and carlines and key staff where cell coverage is poor)
    • Security cameras coming next week for installation professionally/few days recordings East
    • Large sign installed.
    • Exterior painting in process – needs tuckpointing on West side but will be done laterbudget permitting
    • Installing white& chalk boards & coat racks
    • Duct work to be completed this week for air conditioning & dimmer switches & ceilingfans (moved from prior room now to be distributed and switched)
    • Asbestos all done and tested / finished
    • Inspection for occupancy next WednesdayStaff
    • Administration – could use a PR/Marketing person to help – to make phone calls and graphics and creative (Staff are overloaded, etc. necessary to cover damage control and stay in front of social media. We need to find out if a board member can get paid in any way. It would sure help. We should investigate a potential part time intern to help get us through. Need to plan/budget for IT person when funds are available.
    • Teachers – hired Jane Keddie for 2nd grade & already in Hillsdale training (Staff referral), still can use one more special education teacher – even part-time would help.
  1. Finance Update. (Bart)
    • Status of accounting system- about a month out & Eric Z. is working it with Skyword
    • Status of financial reporting – monthly budget to actual – Royce H. to update nextmeeting
    • Status of quarterly updated forecast preparation – ditto Royce is on it.
    • Enrollment -436 is looking good but could use 13 more 9th graders.
    • Foundation formation for new building program – Step One, predictions on future demand. Student counts are the main driver of all the budgeting. Bring Brian Hastings on to FacFin to groom to lead foundation perhaps.
  2. Old Business

• Bussing – looking for passenger vans, need to stay under 26K pounds to avoid commercial licensing. The half size buses are least expensive ($5-10K). The passenger vans did not pass safety. Due to decide this week.

  1. New Business – none
  2. Adjournment at ~ 8:10 PM