Facilities And Finance Committee Minutes – 07.13.22

Facilities-Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday July 13, 2022, at 6 PM
Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

  1. Call to Order (6:02 PM) Attendance: Tim P, Brian H, Dan F, John H, Margaret D, Peter K,
  2. Facilities Update – by Peter Knapp
    1. Started Asphalt Resurface today but too wet to complete
    2. Roof leaks being patched – courtesy of Holy Trinity
    3. K-1 Hallway and 5 classroom floors soon to be stripped and waxed
    4. Additional lockers are being installed at East
    5. 4th Grade Air Conditioner is being repaired
    6. 5 toilets at East are to be upgraded to faster flushing pressure assist models (RFP inprocess)
    7. Blinds and shades are being maintained
  3. Finance Update – by Brian Hastings
    1. June budget improved due to unexpected Gala and DPI inflows
    2. Lori will be immersed in an audit the 1st week in September which will test our Skywardaccounting acumen
    3. Our insurance policies are being updated and renewed
    4. Brian and Margaret and Lori are working on the 3 year budget
    5. Bank has been paid in full as we contemplate a new bank line of credit
  4. Old Business

a. Mobile Classroom Project Update

i. Municipal Approval Process: 1. Town

2. County
3. State – Application has been delayed but is expected to go in very soon

in a manner more complete so as to speed eventual full approval

  1. Building Permit Status – expect early foundation start permit soon
  2. Delivery Status – all vendors appear ready to meet necessary delivery schedule
  3. Updated Project Plan/Gantt Chart – modified and reviewed
  4. Alternative Plans for Classroom Accommodation should occupancy not be ready for school opening – school start pushed back to 9/6/22 and other alternative plans are being considered should we not get occupancy permit on time

b. Gala Update – all systems ready for liftoff and some tickets still available due to last minute cancellations

  1. New Business – Dan requested Tim cancel old calendar invite and replace with new invitation
  2. Confirmation of next meeting (New schedule of 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6 PM = 8/10/22)

Adjourned 6:35 PM