Fundraising & Communications Committee Minutes – 10.10.22

LCCA Board Fundraising & Communications Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, Oct. 10, 2022, 10 a.m.
Branigan Inc., 312 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202

1. Meeting called to order at 10:02 a.m. In attendance: Kristina Vourax (chair), Tom Branigan, Tim Peterson, Joanne Timmerman, Brianne Haust, Kristin Franke, and Jessica Schultz.

2. Fundraising

a. LCCA Gala Planning Committee update:

  • Although the 2022 gala far exceeded our expectation in revenue, and the volunteers who made this happen did an amazing job, we cannot put the responsibility of managing such an important fundraiser on a few parent volunteers. In addition, as we have learned through our recent audit process, management of a large fundraising event would ideally be conducted by an LCCA employee; however, in the interim (until we can afford to hire an internal development/advancement officer to handle all LCCA fiscal affairs/events) the FCC has made the decision to hire an event planning consultant who can provide these services at a fraction of the cost ($5K).
  • We will be signing an agreement with Marlo McCormick, an event planning consultant, to manage all event planning and execution for the 2023 LCCA Liberty Gala. Marlo is an employee of Branigan Inc., but she will be performing this work as a consultant (Branigan Inc. will NOT

benefit from this agreement in any way). As the gala committee chair, Ms. McCormick will be accountable to the FCC and will coordinate all efforts of the lead volunteers.

• Ms. McCormick, in conjunction with the FCC, will develop job descriptions for each gala lead and plans to hold the first gala committee planning meeting in early November. The FCC will work with Ms. Daigneau in securing all event leads. All parent volunteers willing to assist with this very important fundraiser are encouraged to attend this first gala planning meeting (date to be announced in the Revere in the coming weeks).

b. 2022-2023 Fundraising Plan/Strategy:

• Discussed need to update FY2022-2023 fundraising plan to include all fundraising efforts for this school year. Tom B. and Kristina to make

revisions to 2022 fundraising plan and will share this plan at the Nov.

FCC meeting.

  • Discussed timing for the annual appeal/ask to parents (sometime in lateOct/early Nov; possibly the same ask to grandparents, existing donors, and the community at large – tie to Giving Tuesday; reach out to the LCCA Civics Club to see if students would be willing to make donor follow-up calls). Timing of this ask will be moved from spring to fall going forward so it’s not too close to the LCCA Liberty Gala.
  • Discussed need for a fundraising calendar and grant tracker. Kristina is

in the process of creating a draft and will share with the FCC at the November committee meeting. Calendar will include all fundraising efforts such as fall appeal, capital campaign, Liberty Gala sponsor and auction item asks, and all TLC fundraising events/efforts.

3. TLC Update

  1. LCCA parent, Jessica Schultz, was introduced as TLC’s new Treasurer.
  2. TLC fundraising goals for FY22-23: $4,000 for security system (Raptor); $5,000 forexpenses associated with the LCCA musical performances (choir/band/orchestra– Christmas and spring concerts).
  3. There was a huge LCCA turnout at Culvers Night in Oconomowoc on Sept. 27.LCCA received 10% of all proceeds, raising $677 (the largest amount ever raised at that Culvers for a nonprofit)! Another Culvers Night fundraiser is scheduled for Mon., Oct. 17 in Hartland.
  4. The recent fall LCCA Spirt Wear sale brought in a net profit of $1,534.25!

Fall Fest at the East campus is scheduled for Sat., Oct. 22 – hoping to raise remaining for Raptor security system. (Culver’s night and Sprit Wear sales combined have brought in $2,211.25 so far.)

4. Meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.