Fundraising & Communications Committee Minutes – 12.12.22

LCCA Board Fundraising & Communications Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, 10 a.m.

Branigan Inc., 312 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202

1.     Meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m. by FCC chair, Kristina Vourax.

2.     TLC Update

a.     Newly formed executive committee has been established: Kristin Franke (President); Jessica Schultz (Treasurer); Cindy Galvin (Secretary)

b.     Lou Malnatti’s night: raised $236; Noodles in Pabst Farms this week

c.     Gratitude grams for teachers and staff in November: raised $600

d.     LCCA ornaments: hoping to raise $1,000

3.     Fundraising

a.     2023 LCCA Gala update/discussion

·      Sponsorship levels:

1.     Marlo McCormick, Gala Planning Committee Chair, provided recommendations on sponsorship and underwriting levels 

2.     Ticket prices: food cost have gone up by 15%. We plan to keep our ticket prices the same but will simplify what is include (one entrée option for general. VIP tables will be increased from $2,000 to $2,225 to include open bar.

b.     Annual Fund/#LCCAgrateful campaign results.

·      Our first annual giving day (Dec. 6, 2022)/#LCCAgrateful campaign has raised $65,015 to date. Donations for LCCA annual fund are welcome through the end of the calendar year. 

·      FCC to review donor data (analyze LCCA family participation vs. donations from the general community) so we can monitor giving trends and fine-tune marketing strategy for next year’s annual fund campaign; Onboarding education for families/set expectations (why we’re unique and financially in a different position)

·      Debrief on what went well/what we might do differently next year: giveaways/social media campaign worked great; better communicate what we want parents to do with social media (sharing); Bucks tickets were a great incentive; push for donations entire week (have link up sooner); share goal with thermometer/visual; move Giving Day to Giving Tuesday (the entire week leading up to Giving Tuesday/LCCA Giving Day); ask people to send us their own 30 sec video; tie to the spirit of giving

b.     2022-2023 Fundraising Plan/Strategy:

·      FY2022-2023 fundraising strategy/plan

1.     Consider adding endowment fund and planned giving process

2.     Tom B. to write draft

·      Fundraising calendar & tracker

1.     In process

2.     Meeting was adjourned at 11:38 a.m.