Policy and Curriculum Committee Minutes – 02.13.23

Lake Country Classical Academy – Policy and Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes from February 13, 2023 – 4 PM

I. Meeting was called to order at 4 PM – all members were present: Tom Gehl, Taryn Whipple, Nicholis Wagner, and Kristin Franke.

II. Policy Draft on Public Commentary at Open Board meetings:

  • Tom Gehl introduced a draft of a Policy for public commentary at Open Board Meetings.
  • There followed a 15-minute discussion which included excellent additions or changes from each of the committee members.
  • Tom will incorporate these changes into a revised draft and re-distribute it to Committee members for final review before sending to the full board for approval.

III. Grading Scale and Policy:

  • Nicholis Wagner reviewed and confirmed the existing grade scale
  • There followed a lengthy discussion during which topics including college entrance and applications, excessive rigor, the challenge for the current high school students to absorb the rigor after not having any “foundation” of the Hillsdale curriculum and LCCA rigor prior to high school,  the challenge they face in trying to pursue any extracurricular activities, or enjoy a social life, etc. 
  • Marley Hastings attended the meeting and spoke to the concerns her family has about the experience of their high school son.
  • Discussion ended with an agreement that the board (Tom and Kristina) would have a conversation with Hillsdale to pose some appropriate questions about these challenges, and the experience of other Hillsdale Charter schools that started with a K-9 or 10 structure.  In turn, Nicholis will confer with administrative staff (Margaret Daigneau and Eric Wozniak).

IV. Adjournment:

  • Taryn Whipple motioned for adjournment at 5:10 PM
  • Meeting adjourned